Blue Bloods recap: a partnership passes a tight test

Blue Bloods
Anthony (Steve Schirripa) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) work together on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Partnerships can be a tricky balance, especially on Blue Bloods. 

In this week’s episode, the tension between Eddie and her new partner almost erupted while Danny and Anthony had their own unique team-up.

Meanwhile, Frank faced a challenge from an office partner while Erin questioned her sacrifices in Reality Check. 

Jamie has partner problems

The episode opened with Jamie approached by Badillo, who wanted a swap, claiming Eddie was too “soft” for him. Jamie was ticked at Badillo bringing up he and Eddie married and told him to make it work. Eddie confronted Jamie, also demanding a switch from Badillo and not happy about his giving her the same message.

Anthony brought Danny to meet his cousin Joey (Anthony DeSando), who had gotten into a mess by losing some mob money in cryptocurrency. They were ready to cut him a deal in exchange for giving up info on who was behind some murders, although it was clear Anthony was willing to let his cousin rot in jail.

Erin had lunch with her old college friend Lisa Farragaut (Kelli O’Hara), who brought up the rumors of Erin running for D.A. and offered to help Erin win. She warned Erin that would involve a deep background check to ensure her opponents couldn’t dig up anything on her.

Moore briefed Frank about POP (Patrons Of Police), an organization led by decorated former NYPD detective Kurt Quinn (Matthew Lawler) that aided police. The problem? POP was using old footage of Frank spliced to make it sound that he not only supported the group but founded them and backed their often toxic rhetoric. 

Frank was outraged and ordered a statement condemning the organization using his voice without permission. The group countered by putting out a new video of Frank being okay with police violence. Frank wanted to meet Quinn but warned that would just enhance the idea he was working with POP. 

Danny met Anthony, who wanted to give Joey a break because of a rough life. Danny suggested they work together, Anthony pointing out every time they did, they hated it but agreed to try. 

Lisa was impressed by Erin’s record in cases but then got personal asking about Erin’s private life. She pointed out that it would be hard for voters to get behind someone with seemingly no personal life and “who is Erin Reagan? Really?”

The partnerships get sour

Baker wasn’t happy leading Quinn into Frank’s office even though the man was excited to meet Frank again. Quinn actually seemed to think Frank would have approved of this and wasn’t happy with the public mood against the police. When Frank ordered him to knock it off, Quinn invited him to his podcast as he felt he was in the right. 

Danny and Anthony fitted Joey with a wire to try and find out who the killer was. Joey met Buddy (Bobby James Evers), who ended up implicating Joey for stealing from his own late grandmother with Anthony ready to shoot Joey himself. He finally got Buddy to give up Orlando Burns as the shooter. Danny then had to stop Anthony from beating Joey to a pulp while promising some money to get Burns to confess. 

Erin met another former law school friend, Mike (Alexis Cruz), to talk about old times and how likable she was. Mike had to be blunt that Erin always put her career first and any relationships she had “just faded away”. 

Eddie and Badillo were about to fight when they got a call about a robbery in progress. Arriving on the scene, Eddie was outraged Badillo went in alone to catch the perps after firing a warning shot. Jamie could see the pair were clearly not working. 

After getting an okay for Joey’s money, Anthony saw Erin was troubled by her likeability issues. He had to admit that it was unlikely they’d be friends without work as even Nicky and Jack felt Erin put her career before everything. 

Frank braves a trap

Moore was outraged Frank was appearing on the podcast, warning him it was a trap as either Frank would be seen torpedoing a hero cop or supporting a pack of fanatics. He also complained Frank never listened to him before storming out. 

Jamie finally revealed to Eddie the reason for Badillo’s issues: his partner had been executed five years earlier during a theft at a police station, and he never got over it. Having lost a partner himself, Jamie knew how it felt and believed Eddie could get through to Badillo. 

At the Reagan dinner, the family teased Henry on a possible new romance which had Erin bringing up how almost no one outside the family ever attended these gatherings. She was nervous about talking of her campaign, with Frank wisely suggesting desert.

Joey was met, at gunpoint, at the docks by Burns (Donny Burke) with the money. Things went south with Burns dragging Joey off. Danny and Anthony chased them to a warehouse where they managed to subdue Burns.

Joey pushed Anthony out of the way as some other thugs attacked, taking a bullet but luckily had been wearing a kevlar vest. He simply smirked, “you owe me one,” with Anthony seemingly wishing the bullet had hit him.

At dinner, Lisa told Erin she could win one day but not now. Erin responded with a speech on her sacrifices, with Lisa remarking it wasn’t enough just to do the work anymore, although impressed by Erin’s passion. 

Just as Frank was about to appear on the podcast, Moore showed that Quinn’s file had been doctored as he’d been shot while running away, not bravely earning a medal. Frank made it clear he was ready to expose the truth, Quinn arguing Frank would look worse for having honored him, but Frank was willing to brave it. That drove Quinn off with Frank thanking Moore for ensuring POP wouldn’t be a problem.

Eddie drove Badillo to the station where his partner had died, knowing he was just terrified of losing another partner. She understood but insisted they had to try to trust each other, with Badillo agreeing. 

A slightly drunk Anthony dropped by Erin’s place to tell her that Lisa was wrong and Erin would be a great D.A. That warmed her as they headed to get a drink together. 

It appears Eddie and Badillo have finally found common ground, while Erin’s wishes to be D.A. are going to affect her personal life a bit more. 

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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