Big Brother Season 21, Episode 18 recap: HOH winner, noms revealed

Kathryn And Nicole On BB21
Kathryn Dunn and Nicole Anthony on Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother Season 21, Episode 18 recap comes from August 4 on CBS. Producers had a lot of ground to cover, including what took place between the Six Shooters before the last Eviction Ceremony.

A quick episode recap was shown from Thursday night, where Sam Smith got evicted from the game. He went home on a 9-0 vote, but host Julie Chen Moonves told him that it was almost Kathryn Dunn who went home.

Several segments of Episode 18 were spent covering an extended argument between the Six Shooters. Jackson Michie had gone to Jack Matthews about working against Christie Murphy, but Jack is in a final three with Christie and Tommy Bracco.

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The end of the Six Shooters alliance

When Jack told the truth to Christie and Tommy, it drew a line down the middle of the Six Shooters alliance. It evolved into an even larger argument when Michie, Kat, and Holly Allen were accused of knowing each other outside of the house.

Michie previously told Jack that he felt Kat and Holly knew each other on Day 2.

Despite being frustrated with each other, the former Six Shooters still worked together to get Sam Smith evicted. But it all raised the stakes for the Head of Household Competition.

Who won HOH last week?

The Head of Household Competition started during the last episode but didn’t come to an end before Julie Chen told the audience goodnight. It was finished later that night, with the results finally revealed during Episode 18.

The challenge involved memorizing a lot of things in the backyard and then answering questions about them. It may have amused some viewers that Jackson Michie was eliminated first.

Jessica Milagros ended up winning the HOH. It gave her the power to really shake things up.

Continued Big Brother Season 21, Episode 18 recap

Kat and Holly decided that they needed to continue working together and Kat wanted to keep Michie in the game because he was a bigger target.

All of the fighting in the house turned them into a trio.

America’s Vote

Another advertisement was also done in regard to the Big Brother Field Trip. Voting is still open for fans to decide who should leave the house to participate in a secret challenge.

Nomination Ceremony time

The Big Brother Season 21, Episode 18 recap came to an end with the Nomination Ceremony. Jessica Milagros called everyone into the Dining Room to reveal who she was placing on the block.

Jessica nominated Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews for eviction.

For people who want to read ahead, the winner of the POV was revealed on the live feeds.

Big Brother has new episodes Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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