Big Brother recap: Spoilers, updates and highlights from BB21 season to get you all caught up

Jackson And Holly On BB21
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen playing Big Brother 21 during summer 2019. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

A quick Big Brother recap, including spoilers and updates from the BB21 cast, is always a good idea. The houseguests have been playing the game for nearly four weeks, meaning a lot has already happened in the house.

Here’s a summary of what has taken place in the game and how certain houseguests have been able to dominate the game so far. That may continue into Week 3 if the new Head of Household follows that lead.

Big Brother Camp Director

The season started with an election to decide who would become the Big Brother 21 Camp Director. Jackson Michies won the election and chose four people to banish from the house. He went with Kemi Fakunle, David Alexander, Jessica Milagros, and Cliff Hogg. The four competed in a challenge that David lost, eliminating him from the game.

Christie Murphy becomes Head of Household

Christie became the first HOH of the summer. She nominated Cliff and Kathryn Dunn for eviction. Sam Smith won the Power of Veto and saved Cliff from the block. Christie then chose Ovi Kabir as the replacement nominee. The house voted 12-0 to evict Ovi from the game.

Camp Comeback on Big Brother 21

Host Julie Chen introduced Camp Comeback as a place where the first four evicted houseguests would reside. Resembling a Have-Not Room, it keeps the first four evictees involved in the game and inside the house. While they are awaiting a chance to play in a challenge to re-enter the game, they are currently just observers.

Jack Mathews becomes second BB21 HOH

Jack became the second HOH of the summer and nominated Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros for eviction. Sam won the Power of Veto again but decided to not use it this time. At the Eviction Ceremony, a 10-1 vote sent Kemi to Camp Comeback. The singular vote belonged to Jackson, who wanted to blame Nicole Anthony for it.

Whacktivity Competitions

A new type of challenge was introduced this season called the Whacktivity Competition. Five houseguests would compete in one of three challenges, with the winners each receiving a secret power in the house. It was meant to really shake things up.

Ovi won the Nightmare Power, giving him the ability to cancel a Nomination Ceremony and protect the nominees. Jack won the Chaos Power, which allows him to force the house to re-draw the players for a Veto Competition. As for the Panic Power, that will be assigned to the winner of a July 12 competition. No power has been used yet.

Big Brother 21 spoilers to come

The final Whacktivity Competition and the Week 3 Nomination Ceremony will take place on July 12. The houseguests will then play for the Power of Veto on July 13. Information about the results and updates from the BB21 house should be available on the CBS live feeds.

Nick Maccarone is the new Head of Household. He will come up with his two nominees on Friday. It will be interesting to see who he targets and if he continues the plan that Jack and Jackson have in place to get Jessica and Cliff out of the game next.

Big Brother 21 airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

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