Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who won first Head of Household?

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The Big Brother 21 cast had a lot of very memorable people. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 21 spoilers about the first Head of Household may have just been confirmed by the first episode of the summer 2019 season. While it wasn’t explicitly revealed who became the HOH last week, some heavy hints may have just been provided.

During Season 21, Episode 1, it was revealed that Jackson Michie was named the Camp Director for the BB21 cast. This answered an important question about what he won and why he was able to nominate people without being a Head of Household.

The reason that these particular Big Brother 21 spoilers are of importance, is that there had been information stating that two people had been able to nominate houseguests.

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Who won first Head of Household?

According to leaked audio on the Big Brother live feeds, Christie Murphy won the first Head of Household Competition.

Within that audio, Christie could be heard speaking with Nicole Anthony and Ovi Kabir. They are two other members of the newly-revealed BB21 cast.

First, Christie could be heard discussing who she would nominate. Then, Ovi thanks Christie for letting him use the HOH Room. This seems to confirm that she is indeed the first HOH of the summer 2019 season.

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As the Camp Director, Jackson became safe from being nominated in Week 1. That’s a big deal, as Christie had mentioned that she wanted to get him out of the house soon. It won’t be during the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer.

When the two-night season premiere continues on June 26, CBS viewers will find out who Jackson banished from the game. It will give a look at who might have already been kicked out of the house for good.

The summer 2019 season is already shaping up to be an exciting one, even if some viewers find the initial twist to be a bit unfair to one of the houseguests. It’s important to also note, again, that the Big Brother schedule has shifted and there won’t be any Thursday night episodes for a while.

Following an exciting introduction of the cast, make sure to tune in on Wednesday night to see the confirmation of who won the first Head of Household Competition and who Jackson banished from the game.

Big Brother 21 has episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights for CBS this summer.

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