Big Brother 2019 schedule shift: Love Island finale leads to BB21 moving

Nick Maccarone BB21 Comp
Nick Maccarone has stirred up a lot of drama inside the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS

Another Big Brother 2019 schedule shift is taking place this week. The end of Love Island USA is going to force CBS to shift the Wednesday night episodes for Big Brother.

Starting on Wednesday, August 14, the show is going to return to the 8/7c time slot on CBS. It’s where the show aired for a number of years, but it slid back an hour during the summer 2019 run of Love Island.

During the last episode of Big Brother 21, host Julie Chen Moonves let CBS viewers know that the show would be starting an hour earlier on Wednesdays. The first Wednesday it applies to will the one coming up.

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Big Brother 2019 schedule

The following is a list of episodes for the show over the next two weeks. It includes what is likely to be covered and what the BB21 cast will be doing during the hour-long installments.

Episode 21: Sunday, August 11 at 8/7c (Field Trip, Nomination Ceremony)
Episode 22: Wednesday, August 14 at 8/7c (OTEV Competition, Veto Ceremony)
Episode 23: Thursday, August 15 at 9/8c (Eviction Ceremony, HOH Competition)
Episode 24: Sunday, August 18 at 8/7c (Nomination Ceremony)
Episode 25: Wednesday, August 21 at 8/7c (Veto Competition, Veto Ceremony)
Episode 26: Thursday, August 22 at 9/8c (Possible Double Eviction, HOH on Feeds)

Big Brother live feed spoilers

A lot of events have taken place in the BB21 house over the past few days. This has led to a number of Big Brother live feed spoilers becoming available to subscribers. Some of them are listed below.

The biggest moment occurred when the Big Brother Field Trip took place, yielding the third nominee for the week. After that, the new Head of Household, Tommy Bracco, hosted the latest Nomination Ceremony, putting two more people on the block.

The cast has also taken part in the OTEV Veto Competition. The winner was revealed and they will have a chance to use the POV at the Veto Ceremony.

CBS airs Big Brother episodes every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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