Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the jury battle back?

Julie Chen announcing the jury battle back last week
The jury battle back was done live — Pic Credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 is entering week 10 and with that, there is a jury battle back. This was announced last week and tonight, the four members of the jury would become three.

Bayleigh was evicted and became the first member in the jury house. Big Brother fans were torn about her leaving because aside from Kaitlyn, she was the most dramatic in the house. When she left, it all died down a bit.

Rockstar became the second member of the jury. That wasn’t shocking as Level 6 (now 4) didn’t care for her. As the other side of the Big Brother house was being picked off, they were gaining more and more power.

Scottie was evicted last week during Faysal’s Head of Household reign. As fans watched him get rid of one of his only alliance members there was a collective sigh across social media. Scottie was shocked that they didn’t stick by him.

Tonight’s evictee was Faysal as everyone expected. He is by far the most athletic houseguest in the battle back competition, which means he may be able to get his way back into the Big Brother house.

The competition was easy enough. Collect the color balls you were assigned and drop them into your tube. Once you have four, run across and ring in on the other side. Faysal, Bayleigh, and Scottie all had a good rhythm, but it was Scottie who pulled out the win.

Scottie is returning to the Big Brother game and has a shot at the $500k prize once again.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS


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