American Horror Story Season 10 finale recap: The perfect human/alien hybrid is finally born

Angelica Ross stars as Theta, as seen in Episode 10 of FX's American Horror Story: Double Feature
Angelica Ross stars as Theta, as seen in Episode 10 of American Horror Story: Double Feature. Pic credit: FX

Episode 10 of American Horror Story: Double Feature is the final installment in the 10th season.

Last week, saw the rogue birth of a hybrid human/alien baby that had all the manners of a serial killer as it promptly devoured its host.

So, what does the finale episode have up its sleeve? Let’s take a look.

Welcome to Nixon’s ‘lumps’ of 1972

Richard Nixon (portrayed by Craig Sheffer in AHS) is now the president and experiencing what Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) refers to as some “lumps.”

Namely, that means that Nixon is not digging the signs showing his name with a swastika thanks to the current Vietnam War. Of course, the history books tell us that there are worse lumps in the road for this character if American Horror Story decides to keep to the facts.

Nixon wants the war to be over because it is hurting public opinion of him — and we all know how desperate he has been in previous episodes of Double Feature to win the presidency.

However, Thor says it is all a ploy to detract everyone from the fact that people are going missing thanks to the aliens. Plus, Thor insists that the first successful alien/human hybrid is planned to drop in 2021 — which Nixon doesn’t like because that’s still 50 years away, but Thor doesn’t care because he has a whole line of “distractions” lined up until then.

Enter the lizardman

Just when you thought aliens were enough for the second part of AHS: Double Feature, it is also here that viewers learn that what looks to be an alien lizardman is actually one of Nixon’s advisors. So, that can’t be good.

But President Ike (Neal Donough) already suspected this three years earlier. In fact, he was already telling Mamie (Sarah Paulson) that he thought there was more than one alien race already on Earth at that time.

Apparently, Valiant Thor captured one years earlier and destroyed it rather than let Ike know that there was competition out there.

Mamie gives zero sh*ts, though, because all she cares about is making Evacuation Day as big as she made birthdays and Halloween. Except, I get the distinct feeling that humans won’t be celebrating the day English troops evacuated Boston during the American Revolutionary War.

Eisenhower is dying — and that’s just he way he wants it

While all of this is playing out, Ike is on his way out and ready to depart his human vessel. As Thor points out, there is another option, and the former president could live forever thanks to the aliens if he so chose.

However, Ike still feels responsible for signing the alien contract and wants to be a martyr, so he dies instead.

Mamie quickly lets Thor know that that is not the path she chooses when it comes to her demise. She wants to live on forever, and she doesn’t even care where which sounds like a lesson in “be careful what you wish for” if ever I heard one.

Nixon is losing it

Speaking of “be careful what you wish for,” Nixon is now starting to come apart at the seams now he is president. He is paranoid AF and wants Thor’s office bugged.

Of course, he has good reason to be worried because not only are the aliens using him like a puppet, but Mamie is about to f**k him over with the whole Watergate scandal.

She and Thor seem to be tight when it comes to making sure the aliens remain a secret, but I get the feeling that Mamie is more into it than he is.

Meanwhile, Nixon is getting ready to resign, and lizardman is still by his side. At the last minute, Nixon looks set to go to trial to reveal all about the truth behind Watergate (i.e., it was the aliens), but a quick vision of classic alien probing makes him change his mind, and history plays out as we all know it after that.

Mamie lives forever

It’s also at this point that Mamie decides it’s time to fake her own death so that she can live forever.

So, in 1979, she joins the eternal ranks and quickly meets up with Calico (Leslie Grossman), and they become firm friends because there’s literally no one else to be friends with other than Steve Jobs (Len Cordova) in the Area 51 bunker.

Meanwhile, things are going down in the present-day

Now that all that backstory is out of the way let’s get to the meat of the story — the present-day. In last week’s episode, Troy (Isaac Powell) had helped Cal (Nico Greetham) give birth, but things got a little messy when the new alien baby suckered itself to Cal’s face.

It’s chaos now as guards search desperately for the little alien face-sucker — even interrupting Mamie in her perfectly pink quarters to do so.

The guards find two corpses in the Moon Landing room because that baby alien wanted a double feed as soon as coming out of the womb. The creature then drops down onto a guard and starts feeding on him as well.

The remaining guards quickly kill both of them, and Theta (Angelica Ross) is surprisingly pissed about this since they are usually all about killing newborns as soon as they are born if they are not what they want.

However, Theta points out that this particular baby has regressed a couple of cycles rather than progressing along the evolutionary chain, and she wants to know why.

Jamie and Kendall know something is up

When the lockdown for breeders is over, Kendall (Kaia Gerber) and Jamie (Rachel Hilson) know something is wrong as soon as Troy and Cal don’t show up at the cafeteria.

They quickly check the Moon landing room and find the bodies of everyone because the aliens are too sloppy to clean up — or even lock the door behind them as they leave.

Theta turns upright as the pair see Cal and Troy’s bodies. As Jamie goes into labor, Theta renders them unconscious and squirrels them away to the delivery room.

Here, Theta tells them that one of them will win the alien baby lottery by delivering a perfect specimen.

Quickly, it is revealed that Jamie is not the perfect host, and her baby is killed in the normal manner. Oh, and so is Jamie — all while Kendall is watching.

This means that Kendall is the lucky winner of the world’s suckiest competition. The baby is quickly delivered, and Theta takes off with it.

Kendall is determined to get the last word in, though, now that the aliens have declared that they can now live on Earth thanks to this newborn. She warns that eventually, the aliens will get complacent, and they will be defeated.

Theta responds by going all Queen of Hearts and removing Kendall’s head. Her body is preserved by using a giant silver ball head, though, as she is considered a “perfect vessel.”

Crappy birthday, Mamie

Even though Mamie made birthdays an adult celebration, she hates hers now. It seems that the novelty of living forever is already wearing off since she is stuck in the one place and only has Calico for a friend.

The announcement of the first human/alien hybrid is just the sh*tty icing on her cake, it seems.

She tracks down Thor and demands to know all the deets. It’s here that she finds out that the plan all along has been world domination and the takeover of the planet rather than anything else. Oh, you silly humans.

Thor promises that certain people — Mamie included — will be spared. But everyone else is dust.

Also, those lizard people? They get to share the Earth too. It seems that humans have absolutely nothing to offer either race other than host bodies — and Kendall will be replicated en masse to make sure all of this happens at record speed.

Mamie also corners Theta to see just what 60 years of the alien treaty has developed. Here, she finds out that maybe Theta hasn’t been let in on the master plan of human destruction either. So, will Theta be a friend or an ally?

Mamie has a plan

While playing cards, Mamie and Calico discuss the urgent matter at hand: how to save the human race from the aliens.

While Calico thinks they are just two women against an entire race, Mamie points out that they just have to kill the hybrid baby and Kendall to give them a bit more time.

They meet up with Theta, and Mamie goes to kill the baby, but Theta turns out to be 100 percent Team Alien.

Also, we get a lecture about how humans have done a sh*t job of caring for our planet, and that’s the real reason why the aliens don’t want to co-exist with us. I mean, they have a point.

After Mamie also loses her head, Calico quickly decides that she is also Team Alien and gets rewarded with watching the birth of the next new hybrid baby.

And, that’s where Episode 10 ends. Well, I guess it sucks to be us now.

If you want to learn more about when Season 11 of American Horror Story will drop, you can check out this previous Monsters and Critics article.

Season 11 of American Horror Story has been renewed by FX and is expected to air in 2022.

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