American Horror Story recap: Everything you know is fake — except for the aliens

Cody Fern stars as Valiant Thor, as seen in Episode 8 of FX's American Horror Story: Double Feature
Cody Fern stars as Valiant Thor, as seen in Episode 9 of American Horror Story: Double Feature. Pic credit: FX

Episode 8 of FX’s American Horror Story saw the surprise possession of Mamie Eisenhower (Sarah Paulson) by aliens, the revelation that Marilyn Monroe (Alisha Soper) believes in aliens, and the imminent birth of a new alien hybrid baby.

Now, let’s see how everything is going in Episode 9 of AHS: Double Feature.

Will the president sign the alien agreement?

Once again, this episode of AHS opens in 1954, back when the aliens first turned up and decided Earth was the perfect breeding ground for their dying race.

President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) is not wanting to sign the alien agreement even though his wife, Mamie, has been taken over by one. He doesn’t want thousands of humans to become lab rats for the aliens — even a the cost of his wife.

Although, once the aliens really put the squeeze on his wife, Ike caves pretty quickly — and then learns afterward that some of those alien abductees are only kids.

Three years on, and already nearly 300 humans have been taken by the aliens and this weighs heavily on the president.

Enter Valiant Thor

In the middle of discussions about whether or not the president has been f**ked over by aliens or not, Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) turns up on their doorstep.

Who is Valiant Thor? At first, you would think he’s an alien but one flip of his skull and the reveal of mechanical cogs inside indicates we might be stepping into cyborg territory now in American Horror Story.

He is also here to act as a liaison officer for the alien/human hybrids that have been created and are now able to survive on Earth. Oh, also, he’s here to introduce the very first iPod to herald in the beginning of the smartphone generation.

Mamie sets up for Halloween and the president finds the true monsters

Last week, Mamie introduced birthday parties for grownups. Now, she’s determined to bring them grown-up Halloween parties. Ike is not too sold on the idea — not with all that he has on his plate currently with the aliens.

Not being able to sleep, Ike hears screams in the ventilation ducts and goes hunting. He finds a secret door behind some boxes and is taken deep underground via an elevator to a super-secret lab.

Valiant Thor meets him and gives him the lowdown on what’s been going on behind his very back — namely, human experimentation by the aliens.

Along with this, a bunch of baby aliens are being developed outside of any womb and it is here that Valiant Thor drops the bombshell that the aliens weren’t ever going to go to the Russians if the Americans didn’t agree to the deal — they were just going to take everything by force.

Meanwhile, when Mamie is alerted to all the goings-on with the aliens, she’s more interested in her Halloween prep. I mean, the ventilation ducts have been soundproofed now, so what’s the big fuss?

However, she does end up being the mastermind regarding sending the aliens to Area 51. So, there’s that. It looks like she pays attention when everyone thinks she’s just being a mere housewife — smart woman.

The president gets a horrible shock

While things all seem to get sorted after that regarding the aliens vacating the White House, Ike walks in on his wife and Valiant Thor — or Val, as she calls him — having sex.

The president collapses and wakes up sometime later but Mamie is not at all shy about ‘fessing up to the affair. After all, with him being robotic, she figures it’s just like a human-sized version of her personal massager.

Marilyn Monroe has gone full conpiracy theorist

While last week’s episode saw Marilyn Monroe admitting to JFK (Mike Vogel) that she believes in aliens, this week she is going a step further and filming a conspiracy theory tape.

Of course, Ike has gotten his hands on this tape and sh*t is about to get real because a part of his deal is that no one knows about the alien club.

And, considering the actress takes a lot of pills and is a heavy drinker, it seems like an easy fix to make all of this go away. And, that’s the story of how Marilyn Monroe wound up dead — according to AHS.

Richard Nixon (Craig Sheffer) then drops a line to JFK and suggests he not go telling his mistresses things about aliens in the future.

Lyndon B. Johnson gets up to speed about the aliens

A year later and Ike is still not talking to Nixon about the whole Marilyn Monroe thing and Lyndon B. Johnson (Karl Makinen) is the new president. Ike takes him on a trip to Area 51 to meet the aliens.

He thinks he has a pretty good handle on the world as we know it. However, he quickly realizes that he has absolutely no idea after he is shown the alien nursery.

Troy gives birth

Meanwhile, in the present day, Troy Lord (Isaac Powell) is about to give birth.

As to be expected by a dude who is in labor and has no access point for delivery, he is terrified. The alien/human hybrid, Theta (Angelica Ross), turns up to do some mind tricks and make him not feel pain while they cut him open and take the new baby out.

Everything looks good too but the aliens don’t seem to agree and slit its throat before dumping it into a tank of liquid. Troy is obviously shocked but is rendered unable to move by Theta.

A week later, Troy gets to see his friends again and he is still obviously traumatized by what happened because he had a connection to the baby, to the point where he felt its pain when its throat was slit.

Calico’s backstory reveals the moon landing was a fake

The group immediately decides that they will try to escape but Calico (Lesley Grossman) quickly tells them that that’s not a good idea. After all, no one has ever successfully escaped Area 51 before.

She also tells them to suck it up regarding the death of their alien babies. Calico reveals that after the first few, they won’t even care anymore but the group disagrees with her.

While they question her sanity, she takes them to her favorite place to relax: the set of the fake moon landing. Yes, it is all for show.

Her backstory then reveals how she bumped into Buzz Aldrin (John Sanders) and Neil Armstrong (Bryce Johnson) while she was turning tricks at a bar. The only problem she could see with this, though, was the fact that the pair had “blasted off days before they were supposed to be floating in outer space at that very second.”

So, she sidles on up to them and offers them drinks. Before long, they are totally intoxicated and giving up all their secrets about the fake moon landing.

This also is a one-way ticket that guarantees Calico becomes a life-long alien breeder.

It’s time, Cal Cambon

While the group has to come to terms with what Calico has said about having to give up on their alien babies, Cal (Nico Greetham) goes into labor.

He tries to keep quiet about it and only alerts Troy, who takes him to the fake moon landing set.

Troy has a plan, though, and it involves cutting open Cal and delivering the baby himself.

It all goes well, too. That is until the baby draws out killer tentacles and suckers itself to Cal’s face.

Of course, if you want to find out what happens next, you’ll have to tune into next week’s episode of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story: Double Feature airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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