Amanda Loy from Little Women: Dallas is world’s smallest female bodybuilder

Amanda Loy from Little Women: Dallas showing off her impressive physique. Pic: Amanda Loy/Instagram
Amanda Loy from Little Women: Dallas showing off her impressive physique. Pic: Instagram

Little Women: Dallas has just kicked off featuring a great cast line-up including Amanda Loy. But who is she?

Amanda, who uses the tag ‘Tiny Titan’ on her social media profiles, is a 4ft 2in model and the world’s smallest female figure bodybuilder.

She began competing in 2014 at age 22, and walked away with a trophy at her first ever competition.

Amanda, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was born with hypochondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism but means that her body is still in proportion, unlike some other types.

This allows her to compete with average sized bodybuilders. Her vital stats listed on her model profile show she weighs 70lb with a 20in waist, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Amanda with other competitors taking part in a contest in 2015. Pic: Instagram
Amanda taking part in a competition back in 2015. Pic: Instagram

As a model she will do everything from Cosplay to Acting and Glamour. She’s super fit and spends around 14 hours going to the gym each week — eating six meals a day to keep herself pumped.

She has said in the past that men find her muscles “sexy”.

Her trainer Gordon Beecher has posted videos of her on YouTube in the past.

Amanda left school when she was 18 and initially used to work in a bar and spend a lot of time going out, but her life changed when she started properly working out.

Being signed up to Little Women: Dallas is the next big step for her, and will help raise her profile even more.

But she already has a growing social media following with more than 6,000 fans on Facebook, 600 on Twitter and another 8,000 on Instagram — where she regularly posts pics of her flexing, as well as her diet and fun stuff she gets up to.

By the looks of things, she’s definitely got a sweet tooth!

Pictures of donuts which Amanda posted to her Instagram profile
Pictures of donuts which Amanda posted to her Instagram profile. Pic: Instagram

But when you’re working out that much, you can definitely treat yourself once in a while. And she actually has a very strict diet most of the time, since getting seriously into bodybuilding.

Her first contest on the National Physique Committee (NPC) circuit was at the Natural Western USA Figure Competition in Mesa, Arizona back in March 2014.

Amanda is best friends with Little Women: Dallas co-star Asta Young, who features in a lot of her Instagram pics.

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