Amanda Loy suffers breast augmentation surgery complications on Little Women: Dallas

Little Women: Dallas star Amanda Loy faced complications during filming for this week’s back-to-back episodes of the Lifetime show —  after deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The 4ft 2in bodybuilding fan saw her blood pressure “take a dangerous nosedive”, according to the network. This week’s episode also sees Amanda involved in a clash with

Amanda Loy dates girl on Little Women: Dallas

Things get steamy on this week’s Little Women: Dallas, as Amanda Loy dates a girl for the first time ever. The reality star gets kissed by Cassidy — who the show’s network Lifetime have described as her “new girlfriend” — during a date at a bar. Cassidy tells her: “I knew I was drawn to

Watch the full trailer for Little Women: Dallas Season 2

Watch the full trailer for Little Women: Dallas Season 2 below — and remember, everything is BIGGER in Texas, including the drama. The trailer comes hot on the heels of stars Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup — aka Leftcheek and Rightcheek — releasing the video for their new single Poppin Bottles. The new season sees

4ft 2in Amanda Loy dates 6ft 8in hunk on Little Women: Dallas

On tonight’s Little Women: Dallas, Amanda Loy goes on a blind date with a hunk called Michael — who’s an enormous 6ft 8in tall. The pair try their hands at archery after one of Amanda’s friends set them up — but did she hit the bullseye? Amanda is stunned when she first meets her potential

Amanda Loy’s bodybuilding drug test scandal on Little Women: Dallas

On Little Women: Dallas tonight, a scandal engulfs Amanda Loy after she is asked to take an unexpected drug test as she prepares for a bodybuilding competition. Amanda is in the final stages of getting ready for the contest when the drug screening arrives out of the blue and catches her unawares. The tester arrives unannounced while Asta Young is

Amanda Loy from Little Women: Dallas is world’s smallest female bodybuilder

Little Women: Dallas has just kicked off featuring a great cast line-up including Amanda Loy. But who is she? Amanda, who uses the tag ‘Tiny Titan’ on her social media profiles, is a 4ft 2in model and the world’s smallest female figure bodybuilder. She began competing in 2014 at age 22, and walked away with