Amanda Loy dates girl on Little Women: Dallas

Amanda Loy and Cassidy on Little Women: Dallas
Amanda Loy and, right, her girlfriend Cassidy on Little Women: Dallas

Things get steamy on this week’s Little Women: Dallas, as Amanda Loy dates a girl for the first time ever.

The reality star gets kissed by Cassidy — who the show’s network Lifetime have described as her “new girlfriend” — during a date at a bar.

Cassidy tells her: “I knew I was drawn to you but, like, wow, you are definitely attractive. ” When Amanda tells her she’s “never personally dated women”, Cassidy leans in for a kiss.

It comes after Cassidy made the first move by asking to swap numbers, leaving Amanda stunned, saying: “I think Cassidy just hit on me!”

The last season of the show saw Amanda go on a date with a man who was 6ft 8in tall, compared to Amanda’s 4ft 2in.

This week’s episode also sees singletons Bri Barlup and Brichelle use a matchmaker to find partners — but they get very different results.

As fans of Little Women will know, Bri is currently pregnant.

She and Emily Fernandez released a video for their rap song Poppin Bottles back in August which now has more than 11 million views. They also just released the their latest song Gettin Rich.

On Little Women: Dallas, we see the pair — known as Leftcheek & Rightcheek — at loggerheads with co-star Caylea Woodbury following her and Emily’s multi-episode feud over their respective baby-related tragedies.

The episode sees Caylea then attempt to try her hand as a mudwrestling host, but she comes up against issues with her new boss which may cut short her new career before it’s even begun.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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