Little Women: Dallas has been canceled, not returning to Lifetime for Season 3

Little Women: Dallas was definitely entertaining and viewers have been waiting to hear about when Season 3 of the Lifetime show might return. Unfortunately, it looks like the ladies from the Lone Star state won’t be getting a third season, as we can reveal that the show has been canceled. Finding out that there won’t

Is Little Women: Dallas star Caylea Woodbury’s engagement on the rocks?

After last week’s disaster of a proposal for Caylea Woodbury, it looks like things could be going from bad to worse on tonight’s Little Women: Dallas season finale. In our exclusive sneak peek, her fiance D’Quan Cage completely takes the wind out of her sails by asking for her engagement ring back. It comes after his

Amanda Loy suffers breast augmentation surgery complications on Little Women: Dallas

Little Women: Dallas star Amanda Loy faced complications during filming for this week’s back-to-back episodes of the Lifetime show —  after deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The 4ft 2in bodybuilding fan saw her blood pressure “take a dangerous nosedive”, according to the network. This week’s episode also sees Amanda involved in a clash with

Who is D’Quan Cage, Caylea’s boyfriend on Little Women: Dallas?

Caylea Woodbury has a new boyfriend on Little Women: Dallas — D’Quan Cage. But who is he? D’Quan is an up-and-coming musician — both a singer and songwriter — as well as a dancer. Born into a musical family, he has always been into everything music-related. His artist’s profile on Facebook tells how he began

Does Caylea Woodbury’s boyfriend have a little person fetish on Little Women: Dallas?

Caylea Woodbury’s new boyfriend D’Quan Cage gets the full-on father treatment when she introduces him to her dad on tonight’s Little Women: Dallas — including getting asked if he has a fetish for people with dwarfism! Watch footage from the episode below as D’Quan gets exactly the expression you DON’T want from your girlfriend’s dad

Amanda Loy dates girl on Little Women: Dallas

Things get steamy on this week’s Little Women: Dallas, as Amanda Loy dates a girl for the first time ever. The reality star gets kissed by Cassidy — who the show’s network Lifetime have described as her “new girlfriend” — during a date at a bar. Cassidy tells her: “I knew I was drawn to

Feud over baby tragedies gets heated on Little Women: Dallas

The feud between Emily Fernandez and co-star Caylea about the infant-related tragedies both have suffered gets heated on this week’s episode of Little Women: Dallas. Last week’s episode saw Emily flip at Caylea saying she had disrespected the memory of her late son by comparing his death to the miscarriage she suffered. Emily lost son  Lontel