Does Caylea Woodbury’s boyfriend have a little person fetish on Little Women: Dallas?

Caylea Woodbury and boyfriend D'Quan on Little women: Dallas
Caylea Woodbury and boyfriend D’Quan on this week’s Little women: Dallas

Caylea Woodbury’s new boyfriend D’Quan Cage gets the full-on father treatment when she introduces him to her dad on tonight’s Little Women: Dallas — including getting asked if he has a fetish for people with dwarfism!

Watch footage from the episode below as D’Quan gets exactly the expression you DON’T want from your girlfriend’s dad when you say that you plan to “definitely marry her”.

And Caylea knows the fetish question is coming next when he starts saying: “I am going to be blunt honest…”. She says: “Oh here’s the question. ‘Do you have a little person fetish?'”

Her dad then asks D’Quan outright: “Is it because she’s little?” He replies by saying he’s never dated a little person before — signifying that that’s NOT the case.

Caylea says: “Now I’m nervous my dad’s not going to like D’Quan. But we don’t give a damn what other people say.”

This week’s Little Women: Dallas also sees Emily Fernandez get angry when she finds out Tiffany Chance has been sharing her boyfriend Lontel Johnson’s mugshot with the other ladies. And when the pair have a sword fight at the Renaissance Faire, things get out of control.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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