Right Cheek pregnant: Emily Fernandez from Little Women Dallas is having a boy in 2018!

Emily Fernandez on Little Women Dallas
Emily Fernandez, better known as Right Cheek from Little Women Dallas, is pregnant. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Fernandez from Little Women: Dallas confirmed some great news today. After TMZ reported that she is pregnant and even disclosed her baby’s gender, the reality star better known as Right Cheek took to Instagram and shared the story.

“Well I guess that’s that,” she wrote in the caption of a screenshot from the post.


According to that report, a source dished about Emily’s pregnancy, revealing that she’s eight months pregnant and could give birth any time now. And she’s having a boy!

It’s no secret that Emily Fernandez really wanted another baby. On Little Women: Dallas, she asked her boyfriend, Lontrell, if he would try for another child after her son, JJ, tragically passed away at just three-months-old.

Lifetime viewers got a chance to see what Emily went through when her son was born prematurely with multiple medical issues. It was heartbreaking and many worried about what might happen if she got pregnant again.

Well, now we can get to worrying because Right Cheek is having a baby, and many Little Women: Dallas fans are thrilled about it.


In case you’re wondering about the baby daddy, it’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Lontel, who is also JJ’s father. Unfortunately, it’s been reported that Emily and Lontel are off again, but he does want to be a father to her unborn son and make sure that he’s in the child’s life.

It looks like this pregnancy was planned as the TMZ source also shared that Emily went through IVF treatment in order to get pregnant and that she chose to have a boy. It has not been determined yet if the baby boy will be a little person or not. That will be figured out after he arrives.

Congratulations to Emily “Right Cheek” Fernandez. Here’s to a happy and healthy delivery!

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