Who is D’Quan Cage, Caylea’s boyfriend on Little Women: Dallas?

D'Quan Cage and Caylea Woodbury on Little Women: Dallas
D’Quan Cage and Caylea Woodbury on Little Women: Dallas

Caylea Woodbury has a new boyfriend on Little Women: Dallas — D’Quan Cage. But who is he?

D’Quan is an up-and-coming musician — both a singer and songwriter — as well as a dancer. Born into a musical family, he has always been into everything music-related.

His artist’s profile on Facebook tells how he began singing and dancing at the age of five and started learning instruments when he was just six.

He describes his sound as “soulful vocals like a young Michael Jackson fused with a rock blend with a twist of pop”. He used to perform regularly in the tri-state area before moving to Texas with his mom.

She’s a singer too — and a good one at that! Watch the pair of them singing an amazing duet together below:

Him and his mom called themselves the Mother & Son Duo, and some of their songs have even gone viral — like this one, with more than half a million views.

In 2012, D’Quan was on the X Factor and made it to the third round. He has a selection of his latest music on his Soundcloud, below:

You can also check him out on his Instagram where he regularly posts pics from photoshoots and clips of him singing. This one gets bonus marks for his lovable companion in the background.


And here’s one of him with Caylea, continuing the dog theme:


Here he is with Fetty Wap:


You can also find D’Quan on Twitter. He and Caylea are still together at the time of writing, with her sharing pictures of them celebrating Halloween together on her Facebook!

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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