Feud over baby tragedies gets heated on Little Women: Dallas

Emily Fernandez on Little Women: Dallas
Emily Fernandez speaks angrily to Caylea Woodbury on Little Women: Dallas

The feud between Emily Fernandez and co-star Caylea about the infant-related tragedies both have suffered gets heated on this week’s episode of Little Women: Dallas.

Last week’s episode saw Emily flip at Caylea saying she had disrespected the memory of her late son by comparing his death to the miscarriage she suffered.

Emily lost son  Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr, dubbed JJ for short, back in August 2016 when he was just three months old following health complications which occurred before he was born.

Watch the trailer for this week’s episode below as Caylea tells her: “I didn’t mean for a lot of misunderstanding to happen.” But Emily hits back: “How do you misunderstand that you’ve lost a child?”

Caylea earlier this season has a vicious fight with fellow co-star Amanda Loy about her dating the ex whose baby she miscarried. And this week’s episode sees her in a heated clash with both Amanda and Emily when the group visit Dallas’s Meat Church.

We also see Bri Barlup trying to make her way into modeling with something pretty risque, while Austin loses his head when he and Tiffany chance try to get outside help to improve their relationship.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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