Gettin Rich: Watch the full video for Little Women Dallas stars’ new rap music video

Emily Fernandez covered in money in the Gettin Rich video
Emily Fernandez in the new video for Leftcheek & Rightcheek’s Gettin Rich

Little Women: Dallas stars Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup have just dropped a new music video — for their latest song Gettin Rich.

The pair, who produce music under their double-act name Leftcheek & Rightcheek — released Poppin Bottles back in August with the video having since racked up more than 11 million views on YouTube.

Their new song lays into haters, and starts: “What you doing? Getting rich bitch.” Lyrics later in the song say: “Going viral on the web, don’t care what haters spread. I get money, I get bread, I get rich is what I said. We’re the ones who did it first, hottest bitch to ever twerk.”

We told earlier this month how Bri is currently pregnant but is unsure who the father is. Meanwhile, recent Little Women: Dallas episodes have seen Emily embroiled in a feud with co-star Caylea Woodbury over their respective baby-related tragedies.

Emily lost son  Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr, dubbed JJ for short, back in August 2016 when he was just three months old following health complications which occurred before he was born, while Caylea suffered a miscarriage last year.

Watch the full video for Leftcheek & Rightcheek’s Gettin Rich below.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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