Station 19 spoilers: Will Jack Gibson return for more episodes?

Station 19 fans were given two emotional episodes about Jack Gibson to open the new season. The premiere dealt with the doctors revealing Jack would never work again as a firefighter. His injuries were too severe. The second episode for Season 7 showed Jack trying to fight for another shot, even though he could barely


Why was Station 19 canceled?

Before Station 19 launched on ABC in 2018, there were many questions about whether we needed a firefighter drama set in the Grey’s Anatomy universe.  The series managed to break out of the shadow of the long-running medical drama thanks to its brilliant characters and more nuanced storylines.  Despite the connective tissue between the shows,


The Save Station 19 campaign continues to show huge fan support

A campaign to save Station 19 is ongoing as fans try to keep their show on television. The hashtag #SaveStation19 continues being used by fans on social media following the sad news that ABC had canceled the firefighting drama. And that’s just part of the effort to convince ABC or another network to order Station


Station 19 Season 7 premiere date, cancellation, and everything else we know

Station 19 is the second spinoff of ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy. The firefighter spinoff turned up the heat in a big way by launching as an extension of the iconic medical drama. With soapy plots, sexy relationships, and everything you’d expect from a show set in that universe, it’s been a lot of fun


Station 19 fans outraged over cancelation, start petition to save show

Station 19 fans are outraged over the news that ABC has canceled the show and have started a petition to save the show while also putting the network on blast. On Friday, news broke that Season 7 would be the final season of Station 19. Along with the cancelation news came the low blow that


Station 19 canceled: Grey’s Anatomy spin-off comes to an end

It’s bad news for Station 19 fans. A report states that the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off has been canceled. Some good news buried within the story is that the writers will have additional episodes to close down the show. ABC will now air a shortened Season 7 of Station 19, with episodes debuting this spring. Deadline


Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 crossover event trailer sparks excitement

A Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover event marks the return of both dramas to ABC on Thursday nights. This is going to be a huge evening for the Seattle-based shows and kick off what some Grey’s Anatomy fans think might be the final season of the show. It’s too early to talk about what


Station 19 Season 5 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Station 19 has managed to pull off some intense and powerful episodes throughout its run. They deal with everything from the deaths of loved ones to racial tensions to many other social issues. The fourth season even dealt with the emotions following George Floyd’s murder and the coronavirus pandemic. Out of all the firefighter shows on television,