Station 19 spoilers: Will Jack Gibson return for more episodes?

Grey Damon Red Carpet
Grey Damon plays Jack Dawson on the Station 19 cast. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Station 19 fans were given two emotional episodes about Jack Gibson to open the new season.

The premiere dealt with the doctors revealing Jack would never work again as a firefighter. His injuries were too severe.

The second episode for Season 7 showed Jack trying to fight for another shot, even though he could barely walk into the fire station.

During one poignant scene, Jack (played by Grey Damon) was shown taking the tape with his name off of his former locker.

The episode ended with Jack signing the bottom of the firehouse kitchen table. This has become the custom of people leaving the station.

Watching Jack sign the table had many Station 19 fans fearing he had left the show for good.

Will Jack Gibson return for more Station 19 episodes?

Here’s the great news. Actor Grey Damon is not leaving Station 19.

Fans will see more of Jack Gibson this season, even though it’s a shorter season.

While Jack will have to adjust to a different life due to his brain injury and CTE diagnosis, he still has family at Station 19.

“I will say, I wasn’t completely sad about not wearing all that heavy gear anymore,” Grey joked to Parade.

The adjustments to his character’s new life challenges didn’t come easy.

“It was a learning curve to adjust to his new condition in terms of being affected by the tumble and readjusting to the world. He has to learn to walk again and use his left side again. It’s not really operating like it should be,” Grey elaborated.

“I would be in scenes, getting emotional and stuff, and then be moving his left arm when he shouldn’t have been able to do so. Eventually, I started putting my hand in my pocket to remind me to keep control…The biggest challenge was trying to be respectful and convey [Jack’s injury] in as realistic a way as I could make it,” the long-time Station 19 star added.

A new future for Jack Dawson on Station 19

While Station 19 fans must adjust to a new Jack, at least the popular character will remain in the Grey’s Anatomy world.

He will appear in upcoming episodes, hopefully giving viewers a bit of closure as the series ends this spring.

It’s always possible that Grey’s Anatomy could have Jack pop in during the 2024-2025 television season as well.

So what’s next for Jack? The actor who plays him hinted that he won’t be “content sitting behind the desk.” We expect him to find other ways to help.

Maybe there is a way for him to help at the newly opened clinic as a volunteer. He is good at helping others, so that might be a way for him to continue giving back.

Station 19 fans are still campaigning to save the show. This will be the final season unless ABC or another network decides to bring it back.

Unfortunately, some storylines also had to be cut in case Station 19 ends for good.

Previous episodes of Station 19 are available for streaming on Hulu.

Station 19 airs Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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