Station 19 showrunners reveal many storylines were nixed after abrupt cancellation

Jason Winston George on Grey's Anatomy.
Could Ben move back to Grey’s Anatomy? Pic credit: ABC

Station 19 will flame out after seven seasons on ABC later this year.

We’ve known this since late last year when the network confirmed that the 10-part season would be the show’s last.

Given the show’s solid ratings and pedigree as a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy, one of the biggest TV shows on the air, there was plenty of confusion.

Now, the showrunners are opening up about the changes that had to be made since the cancellation news came as production was getting underway.

Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack were confirmed to take over as showrunners from Krista Vernoff. In a new interview, they told TV Line that their aim upon hearing the news was to inform the cast and crew.

Paige said they beat the news “by like, three minutes.”

Production was already underway when the final season news broke

With production already underway, the pair had to change the season considerably because “there were a lot of things that we were thinking would be leading into Season 8,” Clack recalled.

Paige elaborated that they had some story ideas “we had to let go of” before talking up an arson storyline that “we’d never done on the show.”

Given the series’ strong ratings, it’s a travesty that fans aren’t getting a pre-planned final season because a 10-episode season will be an uphill battle to give the closure fans expect.

The sad part is that the show seems to be ending while still being a strong performer. However, ABC seems to be making some controversial decisions as budgets for most shows are spiraling out of control amid reduced on-air ratings.

The success of The Golden Bachelor has ABC switching things up

Fans of The Good Doctor were similarly gobsmacked when the network announced that the series would end with Season 7.

With the success of The Golden Bachelor, it seems the network will focus on having a more well-rounded slate of originals, offering something for every viewer.

More reality naturally means less room for scripted offerings, and ABC also picked up 9-1-1 from FOX, so there is a lack of scheduled real estate for the show nowadays.

Station 19 stars could move to Grey’s Anatomy

While Station 19’s fate is sealed, there’s a chance that many of the show’s characters could remain in the wider universe, thanks to Grey’s Anatomy still chugging along without an end date.

Perhaps the upcoming two-show crossover will plant seeds for some characters to move to Grey Sloan Memorial next season.

For now, all we can do is watch the final season unfold.

Station 19 Season 7 premieres Thursday, March 14, at 10/9c on ABC.

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