Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 crossover event trailer sparks excitement

Webber Greys 18
Dr. Webber is back for a new season of Grey’s Anatomy. Pic credit: ABC

A Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover event marks the return of both dramas to ABC on Thursday nights.

This is going to be a huge evening for the Seattle-based shows and kick off what some Grey’s Anatomy fans think might be the final season of the show.

It’s too early to talk about what might happen in May 2022, though, as we get to instead focus on the excitement of both shows returning with new episodes.

Last season, Meredith Grey spent most of the episodes in bed, trying to recover from an illness that nearly killed her. So expect big changes during Season 18 in that regard.

The night begins with a new episode of Station 19 called Phoenix From the Flame. Season 5, Episode 1 picks up with the team dealing with Sullivan’s actions at Maya and Carina’s wedding. We will also see Dean come to terms with his feelings for Vic and Travis rekindle an old flame.

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 1, Bailey is going to be working on hiring some new doctors and the engagement between Owen and Teddy may go to the next step (as indicated in the trailer below).

The Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover trailer

Below is the promo that is airing for the return of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 on Thursday, September 30. It is a really long preview, giving a look at what is going to happen on each show. There is marriage on the table again, some drama in the hospital, and a wrecked firetruck that is going to cause some commotion.

Some Grey’s Anatomy spoilers and Season 17 cast recap

There were a lot of casting changes that took place on the show during Grey’s Anatomy Season 17.

One of the biggest moments of the season was when they killed off Dr. DeLuca (played by Giacomo Gianniotti). It was a shocking episode and it caught a lot of Grey’s Anatomy fans off-guard that DeLuca died.

And toward the end of the season, Dr. Jackson Avery (played by Jesse Williams) left Seattle to go work in Boston. The writers brought back Dr. April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and the couple rekindled their relationship before leaving to go run the Avery Foundation out in Boston.

Having Williams leave the show was huge news and that’s going to be something that has to be addressed early in Season 18. And that’s where some intriguing Grey’s Anatomy spoilers come in.

Huge news has come out about someone re-joining the show for Season 18 episodes. We have a write-up here for Grey’s Anatomy fans who don’t already know the info but trust us, this is going to be great for the show during Fall 2021 episodes.

Another major character is also returning from the past and here are some spoilers about that Grey’s Anatomy cast member. A hint is in the social media post shared below.

Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy air Thursdays beginning at 8/7c on ABC.

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R hearne
R hearne
2 years ago

Greys amatomy is fairly watchable , but station 19 is far away from real fire department . Will not watch the crossover event because sta 19 is on there . I dont watch it and wont.