Grey’s Anatomy spoilers: Former cast member leaks huge return news

Webber And Jo Greys Anatomy
A shocking actress is returning to the Grey’s Anatomy cast for Season 18. Pic credit: ABC

Huge Grey’s Anatomy spoilers were revealed in a first-person video from a former cast member that just popped up online.

As Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy played out, many characters from the past reappeared to provide closure or share some touching scenes with Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) on her beach.

There were a few big names missing from those appearances, including Sandra Oh (she played Cristina Yang), who ended up stating that she is officially done with Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, though, we have some big news about a key character that is going to be making a return during a Season 18 episode arc. And this is huge news due to how much she became a fan favorite by the time her original run on the show came to an end.

Kate Walsh is returning to the Grey’s Anatomy cast

“Well, well, well… will you look who it is. That’s right my loves. Dr. Addison Montgomery is coming back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and I am so excited to be home again,” Kate Walsh stated in a video shared to the Grey’s Anatomy social media accounts.

The video continues with Kate talking about how excited she is to be re-joining the Grey’s Anatomy cast before she drops a reminder about the season premiere arriving on Thursday, September 30. Make sure to take a look at the video, as this is surprising and welcome news that is going to give the show some added flare this fall.

Is Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 the final one for the show?

There are a number of Grey’s Anatomy rumors floating around that Season 18 could be the swan song for the show. These are rumors that really got started last year when it looked like the writers might have been thinking about killing off Meredith Grey and bringing the show to a close.

Actress Ellen Pompeo was convinced to come back for more episodes, and that is why Season 18 is now going to take place. But we still don’t know what the future holds for the medical drama. We don’t even know how many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy will be made for Season 18.

Earlier this summer, there was also Grey’s Anatomy cast news about someone else returning to the show, so viewers are going to be in for a number of surprises in the Fall 2021 television season.

There could also be some additional new doctors joining the show after the character exits on Grey’s Anatomy last season. That’s going to give fans of the show some new people to root for each week. We also still need to find out exactly what Meredith is going to be doing as her job after coming back from her medical problems.

As a reminder, the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 premiere arrives on Thursday, September 30, on ABC. The show returns to its 9/8c time slot, and it will follow new episodes of Station 19, which is also returning for a brand new season at the network.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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