Jesse Williams talks about getting naked for Broadway debut after leaving Grey’s Anatomy

Jesse Williams On Ellen
Jesse Williams will be appearing on Broadway in the spring of 2022. Pic credit: TheEllenShow

Jesse Williams left Grey’s Anatomy toward the end of Season 17 and now he will appear in a Broadway revival of Take Me Out.

This will be the Broadway debut for Williams, and he had some key words to describe his upcoming appearance. One of them was “terrifying.”

Williams spoke at length about his career shift while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. For many viewers, that episode will be airing for the first time on Friday, June 18.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss was serving as the guest host when Williams stopped by and spoke about what has been going on in his life recently. And, of course, tWitch got around to asking about the Broadway debut.

Williams also talked about Two Distant Strangers, a short film that he worked on which is now available on Netflix for streaming. It sounds like a really interesting story. A clip is also shared in the video below before tWitch starts asking about his Grey’s Anatomy departure and Broadway.

Jesse Williams stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“The character does call for a little bit of nudity, so what I will say about that is it’s terrifying in all the right ways,” Williams responded when tWitch asked if he was ready to play that scene out on the stage.

“I’m looking to be challenged in new ways. To be scared and excited, to be pushed. One of the beautiful things about the job that I’ve had for so long is the comfort it creates. So, I’m excited to do something new,” Williams continued while speaking about the play.

He also spoke about how rehearsals got delayed when COVID-19 hit and that he is going to be serving as one of the leads. When tWitch spoke about the nudity on stage, the studio audience cheered for him.

For any fans of Jesse Williams, the video below is well worth watching, as it covers a lot of topics and reveals a lot of projects that he has been working on and will be working on in the near future.

A big Grey’s Anatomy cast shift

Jesse Williams played Dr. Jackson Avery on the Grey’s Anatomy cast for a number of years. As the Season 17 finale approached, though, it was leaked that Williams was leaving the show. He had one final episode where he left Seattle to go live and work in Boston.

The great news within the show was that Jackson was reunited with April Kepner. Now, the couple has moved away and fans can be content knowing that they finally got back together after all of these years. We also got to see actress Sarah Drew return to play April one last time.

Additionally, Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 has been picked up by ABC. The show is returning with new episodes in the fall, even though we are going to see some new members of the Grey’s Anatomy cast. No big announcements have been made yet, but we expect to learn about some new people joining the show during the upcoming summer months.

Grey’s Anatomy returns in the fall on ABC.

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