Julie Chen says she pushed for Celebrity Big Brother this winter

If it was up to host Julie Chen Moonves, Celebrity Big Brother would be taking place this winter on CBS. In a recent podcast interview that Julie did with Nicole Anthony and Eric Curto, the topic of Celebrity Big Brother 3 came up and Julie had a lot to say about it. There had been


Christmas claims Janelle ruined Nicole Anthony’s game on Big Brother

Nicole Anthony and Eric Curto interviewed Christmas Abbott for a new podcast that they posted and they did not hold back when it came to throwing shade at Janelle Pierzina. While many Big Brother fans were shocked at how badly Nicole Anthony treated Janelle and Kaysar Ridha as they tried to save her during the


Nicole Anthony from Big Brother 22 looks great with new long black hair

Nicole Anthony is sporting a new look following her time on Big Brother 22. During her time as a member of the BB21 and BB22 casts, Nicole sported a very familiar look. Now that she is outside of the game, Nicole has shaken things up and we think she looks great. Nicole shifts to dark


Nicole Anthony apologizes on social media after Big Brother exit

Nicole Anthony got evicted from Big Brother 22 and is already posting on social media. Immediately following her exit from the Big Brother house on Thursday night, Nicole posted to her Twitter account about the experience that had just concluded. Nicole was evicted by a 10-2 vote, with only Kevin Campbell and Enzo Palumbo voting


Big Brother 22: Nicole Anthony’s supposed alliance makes excuses to not support her

Big Brother 22 has become the Nicole Anthony show, where people claim to be aligned and friends with her while continuously lying to her. Nicole’s supposed alliance members (Christmas Abbott, Kevin Campbell, Bayleigh Dayton, and Da’Vonne Rogers) have all turned on her and she has turned down the only people who want to work with


Big Brother live feed spoilers: Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Anthony align?

Big Brother live feed spoilers have revealed the start of a new chapter in the Nicole Anthony story. Janelle Pierzina has been working hard for nearly a week to try to save her, but couldn’t get any traction due to Nicole herself. As soon as Memphis Garrett went rogue and nominated Nicole and David Alexander


Big Brother spoilers: Who is getting evicted this week from BB22 cast?

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate who is getting evicted next from the BB22 cast. And that is despite a really strong push from one duo to keep that person in the game. Nicole Anthony and David Alexander were nominated by Memphis Garrett this week. When Memphis won the Power of Veto, he


Big Brother 22 news: Nicole Anthony goes off on Janelle Pierzina on feeds

Big Brother 22 drama has continued as Nicole Anthony went off on Janelle Pierzina in one of the bedrooms on Wednesday. The Big Brother live feeds have been a non-stop source of drama over the past few days, with various houseguests lying about Janelle and convincing Nicole A. that her days are limited because of