Big Brother news: Janelle Pierzina finally gets mad at Nicole Anthony, two weeks too late

Janelle BB22 Bathroom
Big Brother 22 is the fourth time that Janelle Pierzina has played the game. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother news coming from the live feeds reveals that Janelle Pierzina is finally getting mad at Nicole Anthony. The anger may have come a little late, but Janelle is finally seeing how defending Nicole was never going to work.

Janelle used up any capital she had with the other members of the BB22 cast by trying to defend and save Nicole, all while Nicole was badmouthing her, telling lies about her, and manipulating the conversations they had.

Even after Nicole went off on Janelle, the duo of Janelle and Kaysar Ridha still tried to go to bat for Nicole. They also pushed hard to get an alliance together that could save Nicole and benefit everyone involved.

When Janelle went to Memphis Garrett to convince him to take Nicole off the block, she had no way of knowing that she was signing her own ticket to go home. Now, Janelle is going to follow Nicole right out the front door.

Taking to social media after her eviction, Nicole did issue a small apology to Janelle and Kaysar. Still, she definitely didn’t go far enough to account for her dragging Janelle’s name for an entire week.

Janelle gets angry with Nicole

Janelle and Kaysar are spending a lot of time together as their run in the game approaches its end. As Kaysar has noted, he considered it a privilege just to play the game with Janelle again. He also sees that these will be the final days they ever get to do it together.

Janelle On Nicole On BB22
Janelle Pierzina is displeased with Nicole Anthony. Pic credit: @BB_Updates/Twitter

Will Janelle forgive Nicole once BB22 is over?

Kaysar continues to try to take the high road about all of it, showing that he is just enjoying himself in the game, no matter what is happening around him. But as Janelle faces eviction this week, it seems that she is starting to get a little bitter about how Nicole A. treated her this summer.

Once Janelle is out of the Big Brother house, she will be able to watch the footage and see how Nicole A. was frequently getting gaslighted by other people in the game. A lot of people manipulated Nicole unnecessarily during a week where she was going to get evicted no matter what.

Moving forward, the season is starting to set up like one that will have a very bitter BB22 jury. At some point, the primary alliances are going to turn on each other, and personal attacks have been the way to get things done this season. Will that change or get even worse as the season progresses?

Even Evel Dick Donato feels that people are going too far.

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