American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has another cameo on On the Roam with Jason Momoa

American Pickers has been having trouble with ratings this season, and it seems Mike Wolfe has picked up on that. He has been branching out into other projects, maybe as a failsafe if American Pickers gets canceled after Season 25. After teasing a collaboration with Ty Pennington earlier this month, Mike has been seen with


American Pickers star Mike Wolfe shares exciting new project

American Pickers is back with a new episode of antiques and early photography equipment tonight. The popular show is on The History Channel every Wednesday night, and fans early wait for new episodes each week. Mike Wolfe, the show’s star, has had a busy week talking about his performance, American Pickers, and sharing other exciting


American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe teases collaboration with Ty Pennington

Fans of American Pickers have been excited that it is back for the 25th season. A show has to have great appeal to last that long, and American Pickers fits that description. Wednesday nights are a favorite night to sit and watch what expert Mike Wolfe will find for his antique stores in Iowa and


American Pickers viewers upset about Frank Fritz firing as new episode airs

American Pickers fans seemingly haven’t recovered from the demise of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz’s friendship and they certainly aren’t ready to fully embrace a version of the show that exists without both men on screen together. The former friends starred alongside their co-star Danielle “Dani” Colby with Frank joining in back in 2010. After

NCIS ‘One Man’s Trash’ cast: American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe plays himself

NCIS episode One Man’s Trash airs tonight — and here’s everything you need to know about the cast. The episode sees Gibbs and Ducky come across a historic war stick which they believe could be the murder weapon used in a 16-year-old cold case. They spot it after seeing American Pickers star Mike Wolfe discussing

American Pickers’ Mike and Frank visit rare bubble top and Pac-Man car collection

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz explore an expensive collection of rare bubble top cars and other automobile gems on the latest episode of the show. The collection belongs to 71-year-old hot rod mechanic Rick Klibenski, of Jackson County, MI, and includes a Pac-Man car and two bubble tops — in which drivers would

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe: The story behind TV’s treasure-hunter extraordinaire

Monday nights wouldn’t be the same without American Pickers — and the main man Mike Wolfe. Each week on the series, he travels off-the-beaten track across the country with his high school pal-turned-picker Frank Fritz, guided by the smart siren, Danielle Colby. Together they unearth gems, artifacts and lots of “roached” finds as they wheel and