American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe teases collaboration with Ty Pennington

Mike Wolfe and Ty Pennington at different events.
Mike Wolfe from American Pickers had an interesting meet with Ty Pennington. Pic credit: A+E/NBC

Fans of American Pickers have been excited that it is back for the 25th season. A show has to have great appeal to last that long, and American Pickers fits that description.

Wednesday nights are a favorite night to sit and watch what expert Mike Wolfe will find for his antique stores in Iowa and Tennessee.

Mike Wolfe has been working behind the scenes to create something exciting for fans to look forward to, hopefully in the coming months.

Mike took a break from his travels in South Carolina to look for a specific Porsche and to do a pit stop in Georgia with someone he looked up to and wanted to meet.

In an Instagram post, Mike has inspired some excitement with something that may be coming soon.

Mike took the time to meet up with Ty Pennington and posted about it on his Instagram.

Mike Wolfe from American Pickers with Ty Pennington

Mike met up with a ‘brother from another mother’ Ty Pennington

Mike captioned his post in part, “Breaking news! My brother from another mother @thetypennington and I finally connected after all these years…Preservation warriors on a mission to save small-town America.”

Mike then posted an ominous, “Stay tuned…”

Ty is known for his work on TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” He was a fan favorite on these shows, and everyone misses seeing him on television.

Mike spoke to Ty personally in the thread, calling the conversation “epic,” with Ty agreeing.

Mike Wolfe posted on Instagram
Mike Wolfe met up with Ty Pennington. Pic credit: @mikewolfeamericanpicker/Instagram

A fan posted on the post and said, “We’re here for anything that comes of this meeting! Double trouble.”

Mike answered, “Ok watch out!”

Mike Wolfe responds to a fan on Instagram.
Mike Wolfe responds to a fan on Instagram. Pic credit: @mikewolfeamericanpicker/Instagram

Hopefully, this means something good is in the works between Mike and his antiques and Ty with his restoration abilities. Fans of the show know that Mike works best with another buddy, someone like Frank Fritz.

Fans are aboard a partnership between Mike and Ty

Fans love the idea of Mike and Ty working together. One fan loved the idea that “one salvages and one designs a room around the precious reclaimed hand crafted item.”

Fans of American Pickers posted on Instagram
Fans of American Pickers post on Instagram. Pic credit: @mikewolfeamericanpicker/Instagram

Many other fans chimed in, loving the idea of collaborating between the two.

Fans post on Mike Wolfe's Instagram.
Fans want a collaboration between Mike and Ty. Pic credit: @mikewolfeamericanpicker/Instagram

Time will tell if the twosome will have a new show or special that works for both styles.

The next episode of American Pickers is slated for Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

American Pickers can be seen on Wednesdays on The History Channel

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