Mike Wolfe on NCIS: American Pickers legend guest-stars on ‘One Man’s Trash’ episode

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe on NCIS
American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe guest-starring as himself on NCIS

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe takes on a guest role on this week’s episode of NCIS — as himself.

Season 15 Episode 16, One Man’s Trash, sees Gibbs and Ducky alerted to an antique war stick that could be the missing murder weapon from a case that went cold 16 years ago — after they see Wolfe handling it on television.

Wolfe’s role on NCIS then sees him tracked down so Gibbs can quiz him about the war stick’s history and the person who sold it to him.

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Who is Mike Wolfe?

For those not familiar with American Pickers, which airs on History, the show sees Wolfe and his co-star Frank Fritz travel the country looking for antiques and other collectibles which they buy off people then either keep them or sell on for a profit. You can read a full profile of Mike Wolfe here.

NCIS episode One Man’s Trash preview trailer

The trailer for One Man’s Trash sees Mark Harmon as Gibbs spotting the war stick on American Pickers as Ducky (David McCallum) calls him to say: “Tell  me you’re watching!”. Gibbs replies: “I never miss an episode.”

Gibbs then speaks to Wolfe in person, as he shows him the war stick out of the back of a van and says: “You guys believe that someone was killed with this thing?” The voiceover says: “American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe…cracks an ancient case!”


NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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