American Pickers’ Mike and Frank visit rare bubble top and Pac-Man car collection

Rick, who appears on American Pickers, talking to MLive
Rick talks to MLive about his American Pickers appearance, and his Pac-Man car

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz explore an expensive collection of rare bubble top cars and other automobile gems on the latest episode of the show.

The collection belongs to 71-year-old hot rod mechanic Rick Klibenski, of Jackson County, MI, and includes a Pac-Man car and two bubble tops — in which drivers would sit inside a “bubble” on top of the car instead of under a roof.

The Pac-Man car is exactly what it says on the tin — a one-seater hot-rod made to look like the computer game character after which it’s named.

Klibenski operated his own custom car shop, Rick’s Body Shop, for 55 years, but is now heading into full-time retirement hence why he wants to trim his collection.

He spoke to local Michigan news outlet MLive about being on the show, but refused to say exactly what Wolfe and Fritz bought, adding: “You’ll have to watch the episode to find out what happens.”

A friend also posted on the Jalopy Journal forum urging custom car fans to tune in to the episode, and revealing how Rick’s collection also included a 1937 Mercedes 540K Roadster Custom slated to be completed for next years Detroit Auto Rama, as well as a 1959 El Camino called Ultimus.

He said: “If you are into custom cars, vintage speed parts, automobilia, then this is something you do not want to miss seeing. Who knows, you may even see something that you have been searching for.”

You can watch Rick talk about his collection in the video with MLive below:

American Pickers airs Mondays at 9/8c on History.

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