Fear the Walking Dead recap: Althea plays tag with the CRM

So, after two completely terrible episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, this week’s installment is better. Not great, just better than what fans have had to endure of late. We finally catch up with Althea (Maggie Grace), who has been separated from the group that she helped rescue from the nuclear blast in the Season


Fear the Walking Dead recap: The crying baby episode

The Season 7 premiere of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead took a closer look at what Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) has been up to since the nuclear apocalypse collided with the zombie apocalypse. Now, heading into Episode 2, it is Morgan (Lennie James) and Grace’s (Karen David) turn in the limelight. However, the episode does


Fear the Walking Dead new teaser released: ‘Who the hell is that?’

With Season 11 of The Walking Dead going on hiatus and The Walking Dead: World Beyond returning, viewers might have forgotten about the fact the Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead is almost ready to premiere. The first episode will drop on October 17, next Sunday night. Because of this, AMC has given viewers


Fear the Walking Dead recap: You’re going to need some tissues for this one

I’m warning you now that this episode of Fear the Walking Dead is a real tear-jerker and you’d better get those tissues ready well advance — and this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t get overly emotional when it comes to characters in the zombie apocalypse. I mean, AMC kind of killed my emotional


Fear the Walking Dead: Grace will be ‘tested to the core’ in Episode 12

Episode 12 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead will take a closer look at Grace (Karen David), who is currently heavily pregnant, Morgan (Lennie James) being the father. The clip for this episode shows that Grace somehow suffers amnesia in the upcoming episode and appears to be hallucinating because of this. In the trailer for


Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers: Episode 12 sees Grace developing amnesia

Episode 12 of Fear the Walking Dead promises to focus on Grace (Karen David), who is heavily pregnant with Morgan’s (Lennie James) child. However, additional details for the episode reveal a concerning update — Grace has amnesia. Last week’s episode focused on a new community headed by Teddy (John Glover). This community lives underground and