Chicago Fire star Kara Killmer talks about what’s next

Chicago Fire aired Kara Killmer’s final episode, ending her run as paramedic Sylvie Brett. It was an emotional night for the show, with Brett and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) possibly leaving Chicago for good. But the door remains open for them to guest star on future episodes, much like Jesse has done since his first


Kara Killmer is leaving the Chicago Fire cast

Chicago Fire will lose a main character in Season 12. After playing paramedic Sylvie Brett for years, actress Kara Killmer is leaving the show. She will be back for Chicago Fire Season 12, but this is her final season. Fans have to wait to find out when her last episode will air. In addition to


Chicago Fire cast: When does Sylvie Brett return?

The Chicago Fire cast has been without actress Kara Killmer for the past few episodes, leading fans to ask if Sylvie Brett has left the show for good. Brett had been missing Matthew Casey a lot, and she decided to take some time away from Firehouse 51 to go be with him in Portland. Though


What happened to Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire?

Sylvie Brett has been absent from Chicago Fire for the past few episodes, raising questions about the character. For years, actress Kara Killmer has played Brett on the Chicago Fire cast, with the character now the PIC (paramedic in charge) for Ambulance 61. Brett has gone through quite a few partners, and the seat next


Chicago Fire fans are asking if Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett) is pregnant

Chicago Fire fans became curious and asked if Kara Killmer is pregnant during and after the new episode on Wednesday night. Killmer plays Sylvie Brett in the One Chicago universe and has been doing so for a number of years. Currently, Brett is in a long-distance relationship with Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) on the show.


Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 2: Is Kara Killmer leaving as Sylvie Brett?

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 2 will give fans some answers about what happened in that ambulance. The image above serves as a reminder of what happened in the final moments of the Chicago Fire season premiere. After a hard day on the job, Ambulance 61 was out on another call when the guy with


Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 13 recap: Chicago shows up for each other

Last night’s Chicago Fire told us a tragic, but touching story. While “A Chicago Welcome” was more of a filler episode in season 8, the main plot with Casey and Brett carried the hour very nicely, despite the uneven storytelling on other fronts. I’m still scratching my head in confusion at what the hell happened


Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: The one where Casey had an epiphany

Last night’s Chicago Fire was packed with storylines, and at the same time, it was a lighter episode. Welcome to Crazytown started with a bang, as Firehouse 51 rushed to the scene of a hostage situation. Those first five minutes were packed with action and suspense. Casey and Severide rappeling the side of a building


Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 6 Recap: The new kid on the block

Last night’s Chicago Fire finally gave us the backstory on the new guy at 51. And I have to say, even though I miss my baby Otis dearly, Blake Gallo has been a great addition to the Firehouse. Usually, it takes me a little while to warm up to a new character. However, Alberto Rosende managed