Chicago Fire fans are asking if Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett) is pregnant

Kara Killmer Chicago Fire
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett on the Chicago Fire Season 10 cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire fans became curious and asked if Kara Killmer is pregnant during and after the new episode on Wednesday night.

Killmer plays Sylvie Brett in the One Chicago universe and has been doing so for a number of years. Currently, Brett is in a long-distance relationship with Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) on the show.

Outside of the show, Killmer has been married to Andrew Cheney since 2016. She is now 33 years old and went to Baylor University before she joined the Chicago Fire cast.

On Chicago Fire, a pregnancy storyline came up in Season 6 with Sylvie Brett, and when she was experiencing symptoms, Gabriela Dawson took her to buy a test. The pregnancy test came back negative, leading to some mixed feelings from Brett.

Is Kara Killmer pregnant?

Actress Kara Killmer has made no announcement about being pregnant. There has also been no revelation on the show that suggests she is pregnant. It’s possible that some Chicago Fire fans saw the puffy coats and winter outfits that she has been wearing on set and jumped to conclusions. If we hear anything new from Killmer, we will make sure to pass it on.

There have also not been any hints that character Sylvie Brett is pregnant. It’s definitely possible that the Chicago Fire writers could look into doing a storyline about that, but it would be difficult if Matthew Casey isn’t around. The character isn’t the type of father who would be absent for a pregnancy, so it would mean he has to come back to Station 51 or Brett would have to be convinced to move to Portland.

More new episodes of Chicago Fire coming this spring

Now that we know Stella Kidd is not leaving Station 51 and that Miranda Rae Mayo is not leaving Chicago Fire, the writers can start working hard on some new storylines.

There are a lot of new episodes coming up this spring, according to the Chicago Fire Season 10 episode count, so we are hoping that a Stellaride wedding can become a reality.

If Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd finally do get married, it will indicate that Matthew Casey is going to return for an episode or two. That would certainly be a nice treat to wrap up Season 10 of the One Chicago drama.

A brand-new episode of Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday, March 9, and it looks to be another good one. Expect to see a lot of Severide in his “fire cop” mode.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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