Are America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger from Big Brother 25 still dating?

College student Cory Wurtenberger and medical receptionist America Lopez were part of the Big Brother 25 cast. The players recently took part in the longest season of Big Brother in history, with the reality competition show lasting 100 days in 2023. Early in the season, Cory and America struck a friendship that became a romantic


Americory update: America says she hopes relationship leads to ‘marriage’ with Cory Wurtenberger

The showmance between America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger is still going strong.

America and Cory met while playing Big Brother 25. They hit it off, and a showmance began on the live feeds.

The duo continued spending time together in the jury house, where their relationship strengthened.

They partied with many Big Brother alums in California after BB25 ended, seeing how their relationship would work in the real world.

America and Cory returned to their homes but later reunited and shared some big news with their fans and followers.

America recently revealed that she was moving to live with Cory, hinting that their relationship had reached its next stage.

Julie Chen Moonves asks America Lopez a huge question

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves routinely does interviews for her Instagram page.

“You and Cory are going strong – you’re actually at his house in Florida,” Julie stated as she prepared to ask a question.

“How can you tell?” America joked.

The hidden context was that Julie had interviewed Cory earlier that same day, and he answered questions from the same house.

“So, where do you hope this relationship goes between you and Cory?” Julie asked.

“Ummm… a little deja vu moment, but, marriage?” America answered as she held up her hands.

Julie showed a shocked and excited expression as America elaborated on her answer.

The full answer is shared in the video below – where America says she did not expect a relationship when she entered the Big Brother house.

More news from Big Brother

Nicole Franzel participated in a new interview after she won Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

One takeaway from the chat is that Nicole considers herself a two-time Big Brother winner. That would make her the first player to accomplish the feat.

Many Big Brother alums have played the game more than once, but before Reindeer Games, nobody had won it (or a spin-off) more than once.

Victor Arroyo also shared a video from a watch party where he learned that his wife (Nicole) had won Reindeer Games. Nicole’s dad was also there, and the emotions were real.

Matt Klotz was rumored to have a new girlfriend. Seeing the social media rumors, Matt addressed them on his Instagram page, throwing some cold water on what had been posted.

Big Brother 25 is available for streaming on Paramount+. Fans of America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger can now re-watch episodes knowing the couple stays together.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2024.


Who is Cory Wurtenberger from Big Brother 25?

The Big Brother 25 cast is now ready to play the game. Sixteen new houseguests were introduced as the bios of the BB25 cast got revealed. The game begins on August 2, when a live move-in happens on CBS. And the first few moments of the season premiere were released in a unique BB25 house