Are America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger from Big Brother 25 still dating?

Cory on BB25
Cory Wurtenberger finished in eighth place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

College student Cory Wurtenberger and medical receptionist America Lopez were part of the Big Brother 25 cast.

The players recently took part in the longest season of Big Brother in history, with the reality competition show lasting 100 days in 2023.

Early in the season, Cory and America struck a friendship that became a romantic relationship.

After Cory got evicted on Day 79 (finishing in eighth place), America tried to continue her quest to win the $750,000 prize.

But America was sent to the jury house seven days after Cory, reuniting them for the season’s final weeks.

America and Cory voted for Jag Bains to win on finale night, helping propel him to a 5-2 victory over Matt Klotz.

A Big Brother showmance taken to the real world

Cory and America spent much time together following BB25. That involved enjoying parties with fellow cast members, seeing the sites in California, and appearing at various events as a couple.

The other relationships also tried to give it a go, with Matt and Reilly Smedley exploring what they had and Blue Kim and Jared Fields figuring out if their showmance would evolve into something more.

Matt and Reilly went their separate ways rather publicly, while Blue and Jared seemed to drift apart quietly.

Jared recently began doing a podcast with his mom, Cirie Fields.

Are America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger still together?

America and Cory are still going strong. Their relationship continues progressing, with America even hinting at marriage in a recent interview.

Cory and America frequently do live chats on social media where they speak to fans. They often discuss moments from the BB25 season and update their fans on the relationship.

America has moved to Tennessee, where Cory is finishing his college degree. They were also recently seen together at a Tennessee Titans football game.

The move from New York to Tennessee has been bold for America, and she has begun to detail it on her Instagram Stories.

The best way for Big Brother fans to keep up with Cory and America is on social media, including through Cory’s Twitch stream.

A recent Twitch session from Cory had him rank the Big Brother seasons and winners in a tier format.

Below is the duo talking about BB25 in a Cameo shared on TikTok.

More from Big Brother

A new season of Big Brother will arrive in Summer 2024 on CBS. Until then, fans can see alums appearing on several other shows.

A new season of The Traitors begins January 12 and features two Big Brother legends.

Danielle Reyes recently shaded Britney Haynes after their appearance on Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

Previous episodes of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes the episodes of BB25 featuring America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2024 on CBS.

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Gail Lessard
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Did she watch the show? Because the dude literally picked his nose and ate it.