Victor shares an emotional video of watching the Reindeer Games finale with Nicole’s dad

Victor from BB18
Victor Arroyo appeared on Big Brother 18 and married Nicole Franzel. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Victor Arroyo watched the live season finale of Big Brother: Reindeer Games with Nicole Franzel’s father.

Nicole won Big Brother: Reindeer Games but kept it a secret from her close friends and family. This led to a fun experience at a family get-together during finale night.

The video of that celebration is shared below. In it, Victor and Nicole’s dad get emotional as they learn the happy results.

Victor and Nicole appeared on the Big Brother 18 cast. They became fast friends, but Nicole was in a relationship with another houseguest.

Nicole won Big Brother 18 over Paul Abrahamian and was later invited back to play on Big Brother: All-Stars 2 (BB22).

A short time after BB18 ended, Nicole and Victor began dating. The couple even appeared on The Amazing Race together.

Victor watches Nicole win Big Brother: Reindeer Games

“Wow 🤯 When Nicole got home she told me she got 2nd place and I was so happy for her. All these years of being on tv and competing, I was just proud that she would go back when she had nothing to prove,” Victor began his Instagram post.

“To watch her tonight,kick a$$, and win, I had instant tears in my eyes. She had to knock off major players and against all odds she did it. She is undoubtedly a legend, and I am honored to call her my wife. Enjoy the video, this is our genuine reaction to seeing her win,” Victor elaborated.

The post also featured a video of Victor, Nicole, Nicole’s dad, and additional family and friends watching the December 21 episode of Reindeer Games.

Nicole’s husband and dad are proud of what she accomplished.

Nicole ended her retirement from reality television to appear on Reindeer Games. That decision helped her win $100,000 on the Big Brother spin-off, beating out four other Big Brother winners in the process.

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Nicole shared an image of injuries she suffered on the show. She made the social media post before the season premiere aired, and it’s clear some of those injuries came from her fall in the finale.

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Jessica Graf also recently had a baby girl. She was on the BB19 cast, where she met her future husband and Amazing Race partner, Cody Nickson.

Big Brother 26 airs next summer on CBS, and host Julie Chen Moonves returns.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games is streaming on Paramount+.

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