Americory showmance update provided by Big Brother alums

America from Big Brother 25
America Lopez was a member of the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 introduced the world to Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez.

Coming into the show, Cory was better known as the brother of Survivor alum Zach Wurtenberger. America wasn’t yet known in the world of reality television.

While members of the BB25 cast, America and Cory began a showmance.

An unlikely couple, they became even closer in the jury house, and now they are testing their relationship in the real world. That has included many social media interactions with fans curious about the relationship.

Cory recently polled Big Brother fans on his mustache, giving them the power to decide if he should keep it or shave it off.

Cory also gave an extended six-hour interview about his experiences in the Big Brother house. He also revealed who he thought played the best game and how he dealt with his showmance partner telling other houseguests their secrets within the game.

America Lopez is moving to Tennessee

Cory is heading back to college. He is a student at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, and America revealed some big news about it.

The couple routinely does live chats online, but the latest revelations come from a Cameo video that she did.

“I am also moving to Nashville very soon,” America stated in a video shared online.

“Sometime in the next couple months, maybe less than a few weeks,” America revealed as her timeline.

America then lets Big Brother fans know where they can find her.

“I’ll be at the clubs, I’ll be at the bars, I’ll be at the grocery store,” she said while laughing.

Cory then appeared on the video, saying people could find him in class.

“And I’ll be at Vanderbilt University. I’ll be at the frat parties. At the quad. In the student union. So if you’re around, please come up and say high. I’d love to meet you,” America stated at the end of the video.

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Big Brother is streaming on Paramount+.

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