Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Maya Benberry gets horrific online threats

Catching Kelce winner Maya Benberry has received horrific threats from online trolls after NFL star Travis Kelce picked her to be his girlfriend on the hit E! show — with one telling her to “die in a fire”. The 24-year-old beauty has been forced to disable all comments on her Instagram page after a barrage

Travis picks Maya as girlfriend on Catching Kelce finale

Travis Kelce picked Maya Benberry to be his girlfriend in the season finale of Catching Kelce. The decision came down to the wire for the girls in the two-hour special, which started with four girls still in it: Avery Schlereth, Lauren Schwab, Maya Benberry and Veronica Harwood. First to be eliminated was Lauren, who only last week

Who is Maya Benberry from Catching Kelce?

Maya Benberry wooed Travis Kelce throughout the duration of Catching Kelce with her gorgeous looks, sharp wit and fun-loving personality — and ended up being the lucky girl that the NFL star picked to be his girlfriend. But who is she? Maya was actually originally born in Germany before moving to Kentucky where she grew

Catching Kelce season finale: Who did Travis pick?

Last night was the night all Catching Kelce fans have been waiting for — as Travis Kelce finally picked which girl he wants as a girlfriend. As the episode aired, there were four girls left in the running — Avery Schlereth, Lauren Schwab, Maya Benberry and Veronica Harwood. But who does Travis pick? Veronica had

Who is Veronica Harwood from Catching Kelce?

Tonight is the two-hour season finale of Catching Kelce — with Veronica Harwood one of the finalists. But who is she? Veronica is a pastry chef and former cheerleader who also models and was a semi-finalist in the Miss New Jersey USA 2016 beauty pageant. The 25-year-old is also a dog-lover and just celebrated the second

Who is Lauren Schwab on Catching Kelce?

Catching Kelce is coming into the home straight — and one of the favorites to end up with Travis Kelce is Lauren Schwab. But who is she? Blonde bombshell Lauren — who Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis described as “wife material” — is a fitness instructor, gym owner and personal trainer. She lives in


Travis Kelce says Lauren Schwab is ‘wife material’ on Catching Kelce

On this week’s Catching Kelce, Travis Kelce makes a big reveal about his feelings towards the six remaining girls — saying the one that he views as ‘wife material’ is Lauren Schwab. Travis lets his admiration for the 29-year-old slip as he has a chat with WAG Jessie James Decker on this week’s episode, after

Travis Kelce and girls party with Redfoo on Catching Kelce

The ladies chosen for this week’s group date on Catching Kelce are in for a shock — when they find themselves at Redfoo’s Party Rock Mansion. Yep, that’s the Redfoo from LMFAO. As well as being the name of his recent debut album, Party Rock Mansion is also the name of his house. As they party with Redfoo

Who is Avery Schlereth on Catching Kelce?

Looks like Travis Kelce’s got a crush on Catching Kelce — as he’s filmed holding hands with Colorado stunner Avery Schlereth in a one-on-one date. The pair head to Pink’s Hot Dogs and have some fun eating a frankfurter ‘Lady and the Tramp style’ — with her mouth on one end and his on the