Travis Kelce and girls party with Redfoo on Catching Kelce

Redfoo and Victoria party with Travis Kelce at Redfoo's mansion on Catching Kelce
Redfoo and Victoria party while Travis Kelce sits off screen on tonight’s Catching Kelce

The ladies chosen for this week’s group date on Catching Kelce are in for a shock — when they find themselves at Redfoo’s Party Rock Mansion. Yep, that’s the Redfoo from LMFAO.

As well as being the name of his recent debut album, Party Rock Mansion is also the name of his house.

As they party with Redfoo at his pad, Victoria becomes increasingly desperate in her efforts to woo Travis and mark her territory.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis tells her that her clothes make her look like “creamed spinach”. Victoria seems mortally wounded, saying: “If you were wondering… I’m a watermelon!” (Yep, it’s totally obvious from the photo above…). Maybe Travis has decided he’s just not that interested in Victoria? Or fruit?

Also on the episode, titled Romance at Redfoo’s, Travis and Lexi share a couples’ massage, and Travis decides to jump off his table and massage Lexi. How does she react? We think she kinda likes it!

Meanwhile, Lexi is still mad with former BFF Maya (after Maya got picked for a VIP date with Travis over her) and is bunking with Loreina.

The group-date at Redfoo’s mansion leads to lots and lots of shots getting downed, resulting in some drunken bonding and some bitching.

There’s a big clash during the elimination, with the ending being a real surprise.

Catching Kelce airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!.

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