Travis Kelce says Lauren Schwab is ‘wife material’ on Catching Kelce

The girls chat with Trevor after arriving at the gym for the group date on Catching Kelce
The girls chat with Travis after arriving at the gym for the group date on Catching Kelce

On this week’s Catching Kelce, Travis Kelce makes a big reveal about his feelings towards the six remaining girls — saying the one that he views as ‘wife material’ is Lauren Schwab.

Travis lets his admiration for the 29-year-old slip as he has a chat with WAG Jessie James Decker on this week’s episode, after taking four of the girls to see one of the country star’s concerts.

Afterwards the pair have a sit-down so he can get some relationship advice from Jessie, who has one of the best relationships around with partner Eric Decker.

The four girls he’s taken on the group date are sitting around another table and when Jessie asks him if any of them are “wife material” he tells her, referring to Lauren: “The one that I can see filling the role right now is the one second from the right.”

He then says in separate footage: “Lauren is the kind of girl that I see myself settling down with.”

But he admits gym owner Lauren, from Missouri, maybe needs to be more vocal in trying to get his attention. He says: “I feel like she’s kind of faded into the back because I haven’t had that much time with her. I need to see her, kind of, fight for me or fight for us.”

This week’s Catching Kelce sees the four group date girls and Travis head to the Roxy to watch Jessie perform.

A plan by two of the ladies to get rid of the competition falls flat, and Travis goes on a solo date with Veronica which gets steamy and leaves the other ladies fearful it will turn into the couple sharing a bed for the night.

Who’s left on Catching Kelce?

There are just six girls left on Catching Kelce this week: Lauren (Missouri), Avery (Colorado), Veronica (New Jersey), CeeCee (Michigan), Lexi (Georgia) and Maya (Kentucky).

Catching Kelce airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!

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