Catching Kelce: Lexi calls Maya ‘bitch’ after she kisses Travis and gets date

Maya gets a kiss from Travis during the video game shoot on this week's Catching Kelce
Maya gets a kiss from Travis during the video game shoot on this week’s Catching Kelce

This week on Catching Kelce, Lexi Noel brands Maya Benberry a ‘bitch’ when she gets chosen for the VIP date with Travis Kelce — after KISSING him.

The Kansas City Chiefs hunk takes four of the girls — Maya, Lexi, Loreina Ann Corwin and Jamie Leigh — to a special video game shoot in a bid to see who’ll connect.

And at the end of the session Travis decides to take Maya on his one-on-one date, which does NOT go down well with Lexi.

After getting back to the house, the claws are out as Lexi tells the other girls she is moving out of her room with her former BFF Maya, and in with Loreina.


She says in reference to Maya: “Sorry, bitch! You’re sleeping alone!”

The video game shoot also makes for great viewing as the girls and Travis play out scenes with high-tech motion capture technology.

With trackers on their limbs and various props, their exact moments are captured on screen to create scenes for a video game.

With Lexi, the characters they play are ballerinas and she seems to love it as she says it really captures her “feminine” side — but Travis says it’s more like “dancing with Bambi”.

And he starts to take a shine to Loreina — after they create knights in armor and she SPANKS him with a sword. She also “turns it on” by giving him a little booty dance!

Later in the episode, titled Backstabbing Besties, some of the girls confront Travis for choosing Maya for the one-on-one VIP date. And there’s tears…

Catching Kelce airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!.

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