Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Maya Benberry gets horrific online threats

Maya during her appearance on Catching Kelce on E!
Maya looking stunning during her appearance on E!’s hit show Catching Kelce

Catching Kelce winner Maya Benberry has received horrific threats from online trolls after NFL star Travis Kelce picked her to be his girlfriend on the hit E! show — with one telling her to “die in a fire”.

The 24-year-old beauty has been forced to disable all comments on her Instagram page after a barrage of nasty abuse, saying: “It was too much unwanted hate.”

And she has posted one of the vile messages she received on her Twitter feed. It was sent via Facebook Messenger and threatened: “We will f*** you up.”

The message read: “F*** ass f***in w***e. You were only in it to win. Kansas City is to [sic] good for you. Go back to chicken land. You’re an evil f***ing w***e. Where’s Travis you dirty w***e? Don’t f*** with out [sic] city. We will f*** you up. You’re a nasty, dirty and w**reish…. Die in a fire you f***ed up ****.”

Maya said: “Messages that I receive like this are a prime example of why I’ve chosen to keep my life private from now on.”


She later branded the abuse “sad”, and added: “It’s never that serious to threaten someone you don’t even know.”

Maya Benberry "sad" tweet

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis and Maya were forced to keep hush about their relationship during the filming of Catching Kelce so as not to spoil the outcome for fans.

But according to Blasting News the pair are still together.

And in a show of support last week, Travis posted a gif of him holding Maya in his arms on his Twitter feed, with a message saying: “One time for all the haters!!!?? ?.”

Travis Kelce tweet

Fans also took to Twitter to share their support. One said: “Don’t let the behavior of others who are in such a negative space ruin your inner peace. You are everything and more Maya.”


Maya, who represented Kentucky on Catching Kelce, triumphed on the show after seeing off girls from all other US states, wooing Travis with her stunning looks and cheeky personality.

She came into the final episode as one of four potential winners, alongside Lauren Schwab, Avery Schlereth and Veronica Harwood.

But she won after Travis said: “I got to go with my heart.”

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