Who is Veronica Harwood from Catching Kelce?

Veronica Harwood
Veronica Harwood looking stunning in a pic on her Instagram. Credit: veronica_harwood/Instagram

Tonight is the two-hour season finale of Catching Kelce — with Veronica Harwood one of the finalists. But who is she?

Veronica is a pastry chef and former cheerleader who also models and was a semi-finalist in the Miss New Jersey USA 2016 beauty pageant.

The 25-year-old is also a dog-lover and just celebrated the second birthday of her great dane Bovice.

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And going on walkies definitely isn’t the only exercise she gets — as, like many of the Catching Kelce girls including her BFF Lauren, Veronica is a fitness fanatic too.

Veronica Harwood's profile card from Catching Kelce
Veronica’s profile card from Catching Kelce on E!

She loves to keep fit and eat a healthy diet, as well as encourage others to live a healthy positive life as well.

But despite watching what she puts inside her body, she loves to eat out listing ‘restaurants’ as one of her main interests along with pastry art, beauty and encouraging our youth.

She was born and raised in Jersey Shore and represented New Jersey on Catching Kelce, which started out with one girl from each state.

Veronica is new to the fame game but already has a growing following with nearly 4,000 fans on Instagram, where she regularly posts up modelling and gym pics — along with ones of the main man in her life, Bovice the great dane.

She also has nearly 1,000 fans on Facebook and the same on Twitter.

The two-hour Catching Kelce finale airs at

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