Who is Maya Benberry from Catching Kelce?

Maya Benberry in a selfie posted on her Instagram
Maya Benberry in a selfie posted on her Instagram. Credit: mayabenberry/Instagram

Maya Benberry wooed Travis Kelce throughout the duration of Catching Kelce with her gorgeous looks, sharp wit and fun-loving personality — and ended up being the lucky girl that the NFL star picked to be his girlfriend.

But who is she?

Maya was actually originally born in Germany before moving to Kentucky where she grew up, which is the state which she represented on the E! show.

She used to be a competitive dancer before studying Elementary Eduction at the University of Kentucky. She also models, as well as running her own youth mentoring program with which she aims to help young girls achieve confidence and get what they want out of life.

Maya's 'Team Kentucky' profile card from Catching Kelce on E!
Maya’s ‘Team Kentucky’ profile card from Catching Kelce on E!

Maya runs her own website www.mayabenberry.com where she delves into dating, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She also writes about friendship and has been answering fans’ questions in a ‘Dear Maya’ column.

The 24-year-old professes to also have psychic abilities which allow her to tell if a man is lying or telling the truth. So watch out Travis!

She is pretty active online, with more than 2,000 followers on Twitter, 5,000 on Facebook and more than 9,000 on Instagram, where she posts modelling pics as well as snaps of her out and about.

However, after her Catching Kelce win she was forced to disable all the comments on her Instagram after a barrage of abuse and threats from trolls.

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