Catching Kelce season finale: Who did Travis pick?

Maya, Avery, Lauren and Veronica face elimination on the Catching Kelce season finale
Maya, Avery, Lauren and Veronica facing elimination on the Catching Kelce season finale

Last night was the night all Catching Kelce fans have been waiting for — as Travis Kelce finally picked which girl he wants as a girlfriend.

As the episode aired, there were four girls left in the running — Avery Schlereth, Lauren Schwab, Maya Benberry and Veronica Harwood.

But who does Travis pick?

Veronica had definitely had the most intimacy with Travis going into the finale, after having a sleepover with him following last week’s one-on-one VIP date.

And she later admitted to the girls that she “might have” taken her top off, although wouldn’t go into any more details. ie. She wouldn’t admit whether or not they actually had sex.

But Travis has also had a soft spot for all of the other girls at one time another (Ed: Well, duh, otherwise they wouldn’t have made it into the finale!).

Last week he also said of all the girls that it was Lauren who was wife material.

But he also had lovey-dovey moments with both Maya and Avery during the season.

Last night’s two-hour season finale of Catching Kelce saw Kansas City tight end Travis head out on a yacht with the girls for their final group date — before one of the women was eliminated. (UPDATE: That was Lauren.)

The final three then got flown to Kansas City to see how they would cope with life away from Los Angeles.

UPDATE: Avery was then eliminated due to a lack of chemistry between her and Travis — and followed claims by some of the girls that she might have just been taking part for the fame.

So the final choice came down to Maya and Veronica. It initially seemed like he was definitely going to choose Veronica after telling Maya that her over-confidence reminded her of other relationships he’d had which didn’t work out.

But then he did a total U-turn which caught both ladies unawares — and opted for Maya saying: “I got to go with my heart.”

Maya was over the moon, saying she felt like the “luckiest girl in the world”. Meanwhile Veronica was totally p****d.

She said: “I feel like I did everything I could. If that wasn’t enough for him, then it might never be enough for him. So, Travis, f**k you! It’s not going to work with Maya. She’s going to end up screwing you over in the long run.”

Catching Kelce final result

Travis picked Maya Benberry, representing Kentucky, to be his girlfriend after eliminating the girls from all the other states over the season.


The two-hour season finale of Catching Kelce aired Wednesday November 16 at 9pm on E!.

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