Born This Way star Angel’s diagnosis: All you need to know

Angel Callahan married Cristina Sanz on the Born This Way season finale on A&E last night. The show follows people with Down syndrome, but unlike Cristina and the rest of the cast Angel is said to have Dubowitz syndrome. Dubowitz syndrome is a very rare disorder that is both genetic and developmental. According to, it

Rocco from Born This Way: Everything you need to know

The finale of the latest season of A&E’s Emmy-winning series Born This Way sees toddler Rocco as the ring bearer at co-star Cristina and her partner Angel’s wedding. The adorable 3-year-old son of Chris Keller and Amy Amaradio has captured hearts and new fans in his day-to-day doings. The Laguna Beach, California, family were apprehensive

Born This Way Season 4 release date: When does the series return to A&E?

A&E is bringing back Born This Way for Season 4 and fans couldn’t be happier about it. The docuseries about a group of young men and women with Down’s Syndrome has quickly become a favorite reality TV series and has opened up many eyes regarding what life is really like for those born with an

Born This Way stars discuss love, relationships and sexuality on show

Tonight on A&E’s Born This Way, the stars discuss relationships, love and sexuality. Watch footage from the episode below as Sean expresses his love for Megan, who had been going on dates with his best friend Steven before things turned south between them. During a dance Sean hands her a rose, and in an interview tells producers

Heartbreaking event changes group dynamic forever on Born This Way

A “shocking event” changes the whole dynamic of the group who star in Born This Way on this week’s episode, according to A&E. The revelation was revealed in a description for tonight’s episode of the show — which is titled The Blindside, suggesting that it catches the cast unaware. Next week’s episode description reveals how

Born This Way on A&E gets new cast member in 3-year-old Rocco

This week’s Born This Way on A&E sees the show get a whole new cast member — three-year-old Rocco! The show will follow the toddler and his parents, Chris Keller and Amy Amaradio, as they face the “challenges and joys” of bringing up a child with Down syndrome. Chris and Amy, from Laguna Beach in Orange County, CA,

Born This Way: 10 things to know A&E’s Emmy-winning series

Born This Way returns for Season 3 tonight, following the lives of seven adults with Down Syndrome. The series chronicles their day-to-day lives as they strive to achieve their goals in life and surmount hurdles that they come up against. The first season started back in December 2015, with Season 2 airing in 2016. The

Born This Way: Finale shows just why series was renewed for Season 3

It’s the season finale of Born This Way tonight — with the show’s second run ending in an episode full of all the emotion and joy that we’ve come to expect from this fascinating series. Luckily for fans, we all already have something to look forward to after the show was renewed this week for a ten-episode third season,

Born This Way’s Sean blasts new roomie Steven for ‘bossing him around’

On Born This Way tonight, Steven reveals he’s finding it pretty difficult sharing a home with Sean — while Sean calls the experience “distressing”. The pair moved in together following their parents’ suggestion, and on tonight’s episode they throw a dressing-up themed party as a housewarming. But it doesn’t take long before Steven is having