Born This Way: Cristina’s jealousy spirals out of control

On Born This Way tonight, Cristina’s family and friends are left worried when her jealousy reaches a whole new level. The episode, titled Great Expectations, sees her confront Angel about her feelings. Rachel, Bea and Mariano all try to step in to help. But her dad reveals: “We have some concerns about their relationship.” Meanwhile, Megan lands

Born This Way’s Sean and Steven are getting a BACHELOR PAD

On tonight’s Born This Way, Sean and Steven are getting a bachelor pad! The pair’s fathers think it would be a good idea if the duo shared a pad. To start with Sean is pretty sure he doesn’t want to live with someone else, but soon realises that his dream home might be out of

Born This Way: Cristina’s confused over crush on her hunky dance teacher

On tonight’s Born This Way on A&E, despite Cristina’s crush on her hunky dance teacher her fiance Angel doesn’t seem too bothered! It’s just two weeks till her dance competition, and there’s still lots to do in preparation if she’s going to do well. We’ve already seen how smitten Cristina — and her mum — seem to

Born This Way: Sean’s dad tells him to watch out for prostitutes in Vegas

On Born This Way, Sean is heading to Vegas, Baby! The self-professed “ladies’man” is heading to Sin City to watch a Justin Bieber concert and to go on a blind date. But before he heads off parents Sandra and Rick have a sit-down with him to lay down some ground rules. Forefront of Rick’s worries