Born This Way: Sean’s dad tells him to watch out for prostitutes in Vegas

Sean in Vegas for the Justin Bieber concert and to go on a blind date in tonight’s Born This Way

On Born This Way, Sean is heading to Vegas, Baby!

The self-professed “ladies’man” is heading to Sin City to watch a Justin Bieber concert and to go on a blind date.

But before he heads off parents Sandra and Rick have a sit-down with him to lay down some ground rules.

Forefront of Rick’s worries is that a lady of the night might try to take advantage of Sean in a bid to step into the limelight while he visits the city with a camera crew around.

Rick tells him: “If a girl on the street asks you for a date, say no!”

He then expands on his fears in a separate piece to camera, saying: “I do not want someone to think, ‘hey, I can make a name for myself here.”

Sandra laughs as she asks: “You think the hookers are watching Born This Way?”

And she cracks up as, Rick replies with a shake of the head: “You never know.”

Also on Born This Way tonight, Megan tells her mom she wants to return to California, saying: “I’m going to focus on my independence.” We also see John take part in an album cover photo shoot.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode of Born This Way below.

Born This Way airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on A&E.

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