Born This Way: Cristina’s confused over crush on her hunky dance teacher

Dance class in Born This Way
Cristina during her dance class with hunky teacher Ramun on tonight’s Born This Way

On tonight’s Born This Way on A&E, despite Cristina’s crush on her hunky dance teacher her fiance Angel doesn’t seem too bothered!

It’s just two weeks till her dance competition, and there’s still lots to do in preparation if she’s going to do well.

We’ve already seen how smitten Cristina — and her mum — seem to be.

And why not with his “sexy abs”!

But tonight Cristina seems a bit distracted by the fact Angel isn’t jealous of her dancing with the suave Ramun.

Angel says: “I am ok with Ramun dancing with my girl.”

But Cristina admits: “I’m a little confused. I thought my fiance would be jealous.”

Also on tonight’s Season 2 Episode 4 of Born This Way, titled Rites of Passage, concerns are raised over Elena’s behavior after she was seen pushing her mum Hiromi.

Elena admits: “I get frustrated, I get mad, and I get angry.”

Hiromi says: “It’s hard.”

Meanwhile, Sean goes against his parents’ wishes and makes a visit to a tattoo studio after encouragement from his blind date, and he and Steven meet NASCAR driver Joey Logano on a trip to see a race.

We also see Megan suffer a scare surrounding her health on a visit to Trinidad for a Down Syndrome conference, and it makes her rethink her new plan of moving to California to become more independent.

Born This Way airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on A&E.

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