Born This Way Season 4 release date: When does the series return to A&E?

When does Season 4 of Born This Way premiere on A&E?
A sneak peek from Born This Way Season 4 on A&E

A&E is bringing back Born This Way for Season 4 and fans couldn’t be happier about it. The docuseries about a group of young men and women with Down’s Syndrome has quickly become a favorite reality TV series and has opened up many eyes regarding what life is really like for those born with an extra chromosome.

In a new Born This Way sneak peek, the cast will be becoming more independent in a variety of ways. Whether it be taking martial arts classes, learning how to drive or getting married, they are ready to take the next step and to prove that being a little different won’t stop them from reaching their goals.

Cristina and Angel will continue their wedding planning. Based on the Born This Way trailer, it looks like they’ll hit a few snags while trying to agree on plans for their big day. After overcoming those issues, it’s clear that the wedding turned out beautifully and will be exciting to watch.

Meanwhile, both Stephen and John are learning to drive. It looks like Stephen is a natural behind the wheel. Meanwhile, new relationships have been formed. Elena gets serious about her relationship and Sean reveals that he has a new girlfriend.

We’ll see the even more work toward becoming independent as Rachel and Meghan both work toward living on their own, without their parents. While they both seem confident in their ability to take care of themselves, can they put their parents’ minds at ease?

Season 4 of Born This Way premieres on August 15 on A&E. 

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