Born This Way on A&E gets new cast member in 3-year-old Rocco

Headshot of Rocco, Born This Way's new toddler cast member
Rocco, who is joining A&E’s Born This Way as a cast member. Pic: Elizabeth Weinberg/A&E

This week’s Born This Way on A&E sees the show get a whole new cast member — three-year-old Rocco!

The show will follow the toddler and his parents, Chris Keller and Amy Amaradio, as they face the “challenges and joys” of bringing up a child with Down syndrome.

Chris and Amy, from Laguna Beach in Orange County, CA, told the OC Register they have watched the show ever since it first aired.

Mom Amy said of the first episode: “I think I cried the entire episode because it just hit so many emotions for me as a mom who has a son with Down syndrome.”

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This episode also sees cast member Rachel Osterbach start her journey in the hopes of becoming an actress, while Sean McElwee faces surgery as he struggles with his hearing.

The Emmy Award-winning series  — which kicked off its third season last week — also sees Megan Bomgaars and Steven Clark plan a second date, to which she plans to take massage lotion!

But things don’t quite go to plan when their planned dinner together turns into a group event.

Watch footage from the episode below as Rachel takes part in a screen test and demonstrates “the smile that she’d give Ryan Gosling”.

Her bid to become an actress comes as she takes part in a “Year of Yes!”, the a career on the screen one of her lifelong dreams.

Born This Way airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on A&E.

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